Ep. 98 - Mike Francesa Unfiltered For An Hour & The Town Of Canada Is Awesome : PMS 2.0

  • Published: 13 August 2019
  • On today's show, the man who pioneered the industry Pat is about to embark in, the Godfather of sports talk radio, member of a countless number of broadcasting hall of fames, host of Mike's On: Francesa on the FAN, and creator of the Mike's On app, all around electric human being, Mike Francesa joins Pat and the guys live on FaceTime. They discuss how his career has changed with the times over the last 30+ years, his relationship with his former co-host Chris "Mag Dog" Russo and what their relationship was like while they were on the air, some advice he has for Pat with the start of the radio show around the corner, what his relationship with Odell Beckham and the New York Giants front office is currently like, his philosophy on taking phone calls during his show and why his treatment of the callers is often misconstrued, his thoughts on the upcoming NFL season as well as some takes on some of the players that are making waves this preseason, and he answers some questions from the room. This interview is a MUST LISTEN (2:08-1:03:37). Pat also covers his weekend in Toronto with Foxy as they were in town for the WWE Watchalong at Summerslam. Pat breaks down why Toronto might be his favorite city on the planet, what the Canadian hospitality is like, how going to a Blue Jays vs. Yankees game resparked his idea to have live betting available before every pitch at a baseball game and how it would improve the entertainment value, some of his favorite moments from the Watchalong event including his growing friendship/rivalry with Adam Cole, and his post NXT preshow run-in with Triple H on Saturday night and how he thought it might have been due to another dress code violation, and what it's like being dropped back into the WWE Universe after being gone for a few weeks and getting caught up with everything that is happened throughout the business. Today's episode is a great one. Come and laugh with us, cheers.

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Comments • 39

  • Jade Klaus
    Jade Klaus  5 months back

    Sat in the owners box at a pirates game a few years ago my uncles company owns a piece of the stadium and they bet on everything! Each batter you put money in a cup and then pass it if someone hit a home run while you have the cup you get the money! They even bet on if when the catcher rolls the ball out to the mound after the inning does it stay on the mound or roll off!

    • Richard Schoendorf
      Richard Schoendorf  5 months back

      That head nod at 26:26 tho. Lol how to become an intern or something!?!

      • Berserker Swordsman
        Berserker Swordsman  5 months back

        Catching up after my vacation. Phenomenal interview with Mike! My favorite after the Tebow one so far.

        • Young Mac
          Young Mac  5 months back

          Great Show as Always!

          • Chad Clark
            Chad Clark  5 months back

            Its a BUDtender. Come to Vegas Pat

            • Trevor
              Trevor  5 months back

              Readings by Zito are my favorite

              • Mike Faust
                Mike Faust  5 months back

                Otis Is my spirit animal

                • Micheal Clark
                  Micheal Clark  5 months back

                  I miss Gorman

                  • terry schabert
                    terry schabert  5 months back

                    Let’s go!!!

                    • NotGivinATuck
                      NotGivinATuck  5 months back

                      Highly underrated Cherry Blade Lemonade Bang sip.

                      • Jesse Short
                        Jesse Short  5 months back

                        Funny, earlier I re-watched the half Jewish, half Baptist wedding episode where Pat met Vino. (Def not the title btw) Where Vino told Pat he'd call Francesa on Sunday, and maybe Pat would talk to him on Monday. Funny how an insomniatic binge ties things together for ya. Congrats on everything boy! LET'S FUCKING GO!!!!!

                        • Regfour20 #RaiderNationHawaii

                          One of my newest favorite podcast 🤙🏻

                          • DTOM MERICA
                            DTOM MERICA  5 months back

                            I am in Army stationed in South Korea. I greatly enjoy listening to this show.
                            I got 4 questions. How do you think the Green Bay Packers will do? If Aaron Rodgers and the Head Coach don’t work well together and the Packers miss the playoffs who goes? If Rodgers goes do you see a trade for Carr and 1st round draft pick as a possibly? Last question will you be calling any XFL games? If you have time to answer these questions. Thank you if not I understand.

                            • Billy Bob Thornton
                              Billy Bob Thornton  5 months back

                              The packers will win 2 games (the lions twice), both will be gone at the end of the year, there’s already a verbal agreement for 10 1st rd picks for Carr, fuck the xfl. Skol. But for real stay safe over there man sounds like there’s some crazy stuff every other day over there.

                          • Matthew Diggs
                            Matthew Diggs  5 months back

                            I dont think any callers will be better than Whatever radio show is after the colts game on 1070. Drunk hoosiers calling in sounding dumb af is the highlight of my sundays

                            • TheAaronAR
                              TheAaronAR  5 months back

                              Mikey franny just changed @patmcafee view on life with that kid bit. Mcafee kid coming in 2020

                              • TheAaronAR
                                TheAaronAR  5 months back

                                Mike Fran is the 🐐. Great interview. Wish he could ask gettleman why he let OBJ and Vernon go to the future AFC champions in Cleveland. Also I live in Charlotte and DGett was a disaster here. Glad he’s gone and the Panthers are looking good too now.

                                • Blake Thornton
                                  Blake Thornton  5 months back

                                  I am a UC fan. I even have a tattoo for them. Love that you’re representing the Cats. May just be a cutoff you like but awesome. Shoutout from Cincinnati

                                  • TheAaronAR
                                    TheAaronAR  5 months back

                                    Blake Thornton you guys have a great coach. I just got tix to see my Buckeyes play those bearcats. I’m worried. Fickle is gonna bring the boys on fire. Should be an awesome game. Good luck sir

                                • H Heink
                                  H Heink  5 months back

                                  Francesa's video lag made me think the whole sound was off, or maybe it's the vitamins

                                  • TheAaronAR
                                    TheAaronAR  5 months back

                                    H Heink just watch pat while he’s talking and hit the vitamins. I didn’t notice the lag bc I was watching the reactions. Lol

                                • Michael Raymond
                                  Michael Raymond  5 months back

                                  Holy moly I haven't heard of Mike Francesa or his podcast until this episode and my goodness.........ELECTRIC⚡

                                  • Home_Run_Kid72
                                    Home_Run_Kid72  5 months back

                                    Back in 2016 playoffs that place was electric! Go to a playoff Jays game in a few years. It'll be worth it.

                                    • Justin Vela
                                      Justin Vela  5 months back

                                      The song that plays at the end of the audio version a great forgotten gem great podcast guys 🤙

                                      • Mirko Andreoli
                                        Mirko Andreoli  5 months back

                                        New subscriber here, did not miss a show for a last 3 weeks. Best show for football purposes. That is it!Made it fun for a causal NFL fan like me.

                                        • rella
                                          rella  5 months back

                                          LETS FUCKING GO

                                          • tom d
                                            tom d  5 months back

                                            Mike was great, was...

                                            • Kirk Sutherland
                                              Kirk Sutherland  5 months back

                                              Classic dad move with the thumb over the screen.

                                              • Henry Glover
                                                Henry Glover  5 months back

                                                Fucking love you guys! Get yourself on bussing with the boys!

                                                • PMS Store
                                                  PMS Store  5 months back


                                                  • Teh_diplomat
                                                    Teh_diplomat  5 months back

                                                    It's alright, we're too polite to have pointed out the incorrect pronunciation of our country anyways. And Mike's only ever been on 2, TWO podcasts ever!? You guys are approaching god tier status. Keep it up!

                                                    • GoRidersGo 1910
                                                      GoRidersGo 1910  5 months back

                                                      Not even gonna watch, guaranteed the Canada part will trigger me

                                                      • Chris Jackson
                                                        Chris Jackson  5 months back

                                                        Btw, Pat’s gotta get on the Bang Energry Keto drinks!

                                                        • EG Baseball
                                                          EG Baseball  5 months back

                                                          Should’ve asked him about Giambi

                                                          • Chris Jackson
                                                            Chris Jackson  5 months back

                                                            Waited for this upload because I knew with big mike on the show that the reactions would be worth it. LFG boys!

                                                            • Duh Buh
                                                              Duh Buh  5 months back

                                                              OOOO Canadia!!!!

                                                              • Rj Robledo
                                                                Rj Robledo  5 months back

                                                                AND WE HAVE A BANGER FORYA!!!!! Happy Tuesday Gents!!!

                                                                • Dylan Gotti
                                                                  Dylan Gotti  5 months back

                                                                  Oh ya the city of Canada is dope I live here

                                                                  • Trevor Monday
                                                                    Trevor Monday  5 months back

                                                                    Pat you the goat