Tom Kenny on 'SpongeBob Movie' and doing the SpongeBob voice on the street


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  • Stephen Hobbins
    Stephen Hobbins  2 weeks back

    Tom Kenny has a good voice playing SpongeBob SquarePants it is really funny for me 😃

    • Abigail Murray
      Abigail Murray  4 months back

      Aw I wish Tom went to the Dublin Comic con. I really wanna meet him. ☺

      • Blue Stikbots Productions

        How do you voice so many of them?

        • FoxOfJuly
          FoxOfJuly  6 months back

          holy damn when he preforms it feels so unreal

          • Grand Solar Minimum 4 realz

            His voice will never be beaten by anyone

            • DuhImLilyy
              DuhImLilyy  11 months back


              • MasterTNT 427
                MasterTNT 427  4 months back

                YeetItsLilyy you didn’t know that??

            • AWE5OMEANT
              AWE5OMEANT  1 years back

              Rest in peace, Stephen Hillenburg.

              • Charlotte Horlock
                Charlotte Horlock  1 years back

                'I'm representin.'

                • brittanydove
                  brittanydove  1 years back


                  • Spyro
                    Spyro  1 years back

                    Spyro too

                    • Pearl the rebel
                      Pearl the rebel  2 years back

                      He's awesome

                      • queen tee
                        queen tee  2 years back

                        How does he do that

                      • Mia Novelya
                        Mia Novelya  2 years back

                        omg nice voice funny

                        • How Free or Die
                          How Free or Die  3 years back

                          He sounds like Matthew Broderick when he doesn't do the voice

                          • latrease lipsey
                            latrease lipsey  3 years back

                            Me: Singing contest, S.B vs. Me
                            Tom: ( As spongebon ) Lets go

                            Who would win thumbs up for tom
                            thumbs down for me
                            ( Just for u guys, I can really sing )

                            • crazyeva13
                              crazyeva13  1 years back

                              this is the first time i gave someone a thumbs down on a comment, lol

                          • Amy Sowders
                            Amy Sowders  4 years back

                            XD, Never new tom played ice king

                          • Rajvir Makwana
                            Rajvir Makwana  4 years back

                            hi sponge bob ,mr.krabs, pearl, plankton, suiudward, sandy, karen, bubbles, Mr . pirate, gary, pathrick, people who eat at krusty krab, spongebob's parents and teacher

                          • Rajvir Makwana
                            Rajvir Makwana  4 years back

                            so cool

                            • Rajvir Makwana
                              Rajvir Makwana  4 years back

                              so coo

                              • Evas channel
                                Evas channel  5 years back

                                LOVE Lo

                                • caseyb889
                                  caseyb889  5 years back

                                  His kids have such an awesome dad

                                • Yessenia Flores Macedo
                                  Yessenia Flores Macedo  5 years back

                                  WTF SHEE

                                  • X3n0
                                    X3n0  1 years back

                                    Yessenia Flores Macedo
                                    What are you trying to say? Are you retarded or something?

                                • Taylor Troupe
                                  Taylor Troupe  5 years back

                                  Love the show

                                  • reyes andrea
                                    reyes andrea  5 years back

                                    <3 Bob l'éponge