Billie Eilish Says She Likes to Be Judged For Her Style (Exclusive)


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  • lil nemox
    lil nemox  4 months back

    It's was like hijab

    • Amy
      Amy  7 months back

      She is so fucking hot!!! 🤦🏻‍♀️😍

      • Gabrielle Bergamini
        Gabrielle Bergamini  7 months back

        I can't relate

        • Nizokashi
          Nizokashi  8 months back


          • Dear Gravity
            Dear Gravity  8 months back

            her style is wack, what are you guys talkinnnnng about

            • alicia marie
              alicia marie  8 months back

              Billiam Eyelash😍

              • alicia marie
                alicia marie  8 months back

                @K!TKAT lmao no. Why you say that?

              • K!TKAT
                K!TKAT  8 months back

                Billie We Found The Avocados😂 you gonna name your son that?

            • Grace
              Grace  8 months back

              There has been so many billie interviews,the bad guy vid and the album in the last 3 days I'm living

              • Its_Chesca _Marie
                Its_Chesca _Marie  8 months back

                Omg I love beilie

                • ternititty
                  ternititty  8 months back

                  billie is basically louis vuitton. she's not wearing louis vuitton, she IS louis vuitton

                  • Electricbeth
                    Electricbeth  8 months back

                    Billie: I’m louivotouned out

                    Can’t relate

                    • shyanne marie
                      shyanne marie  8 months back

                      my absolute favorite person. i love her with all my heart ❤️

                      • Chesus Diaries
                        Chesus Diaries  8 months back

                        her style is just everything

                        • Jasmin Erdbeerkäse
                          Jasmin Erdbeerkäse  8 months back

                          I just showed my Mom your fashion style and she said that it's really disrespectful to dree like this outside and that it looks like you didn't put effort in your clothing.
                          Didn't saw that answer coming lol

                          • Pacific Lyrics
                            Pacific Lyrics  8 months back

                            if anything her style is against disrespectful. She goes against gender stereotypes and doesnt wear half shirts and booty shorts. And how is that disrespectful😂

                          • Taha Taimur
                            Taha Taimur  8 months back

                            Disrespectful? And it's not to walk around half naked?

                          • Jasmin Erdbeerkäse
                            Jasmin Erdbeerkäse  8 months back

                            @Dayle Fredericks me neither. She kinda said you should put effort to what wear outside and not look like someone who picked their clothes with closed eyes. I don't understand my mom lol I think Billie looks cool

                          • Dayle Fredericks
                            Dayle Fredericks  8 months back

                            I don't personally see how it's disrespectful to be honest. She's unique. That's not disrespectful, that's special

                        • Faduma s
                          Faduma s  8 months back

                          I really like her style i don't know why people judge her for that lmao its diffrent but like her music is diffrent for other artists too.

                          • Faduma s
                            Faduma s  8 months back

                            I mean who doesn't? for me her style is unique and diffrent and that's what i love lmao <3

                            • Shirley Bts_4life
                              Shirley Bts_4life  8 months back

                              Omg I’m early!!!

                              • ur mom
                                ur mom  8 months back