Now what do I do??


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  • Dillon Burnett
    Dillon Burnett  31 minutes back

    I'm going to try and go for a Ryzen 3800x the price is just so good for the cores. I do a lot of compiling and multi-tasking and stuff.
    It's just hard to beat that many cores. If something takes 2 seconds longer to do I just switch to another things I'm working on while I wait.

    I use my pc mostly for web dev (programming, light photoshop, server stuff), so I normally focus on these:

    3800x: The cores for multi-tasking, when you have 10 tabs open, ps, 4 ides, 4 terminals, 2 different server instances and so on... you need all you can get.
    64gp gskill: I need the ram for large files or projects. I've once opened a 15gb json file... just think about that for a second...
    2x nvme: Manjaro, windows (I have these)
    I am trying to get the pci card for more m.2 drives. I want to replace my ssd. I like them and all, but they are somewhat old and why not save the space with something like this? Also they don't need to be big, but focus on speed as I just need them for active projects and I can swap the stuff around with my wd green drives.

    Oh and of course a gpu... mine is a bit old (r9 290x sapphire), but I can still play dota and most AAA if I drop the quality, so I will probably just stick with it for another year or so, and maybe grab something used after that.

    • KuraMad2000
      KuraMad2000  33 minutes back

      The Ten-Nine-Eight-ty-ex-ee........ sigh ffs intel........

      • KuraMad2000
        KuraMad2000  37 minutes back

        1:06 cue the porn music

        • Emanuel Abraham
          Emanuel Abraham  38 minutes back

          1900x with costom water cooling 32gb ram and gtx 1050ti 4gb as a home server

          • Frank Romero
            Frank Romero  2 hours back

            20 years ago we were having the same conversation - AMD has always been the best cost-performance die between the two.

            • MrEricmopar
              MrEricmopar  3 hours back

              So... now we know... Jay is into mirrors....

              • Domitry Street
                Domitry Street  8 hours back

                I am getting deployed in 6 months and plan on doing a "hardcore water cooled build" (as I explained to my dad). I am currently doing research but was looking at a high end threadripper 3970x. I use my computer primarily for gaming so it is still up in the air what cpu to use. My father said might as well since you are water cooling and going balls to the wall hardcore style. I digress (see what I did there) it will most likely change because I wont actually build until after deployment which I wont get back till summer of 2021.

                Let me know if you have any ideas.


                • Maltese Sinner
                  Maltese Sinner  9 hours back

                  tbh Jayz I'm having the same conflict. I am in the process of upgrading my rig and im stuck on which to go for if it's the 9900K or Ryzen 9 and tbh i still don't know!!!!!

                  • Bakhva Inasaridze
                    Bakhva Inasaridze  9 hours back


                    • A Hettinger
                      A Hettinger  10 hours back

                      3900X. I wanted to do a 3950X, but couldn't find any. Guess I snoozed, I loozed.

                      • RADIOACTIV40
                        RADIOACTIV40  13 hours back

                        i always go bang for buck so i will probably go wiht ryzen for best bang for buck and because when i build my next rig im also going to be building the same thing for my wife(just changing color schemes cuz i like dark and she likes colors)

                        • omegaweaponredux
                          omegaweaponredux  1 days back

                          9900KF Because i couldnt justify the 9900KS.

                          • Hunter Fellows
                            Hunter Fellows  1 days back

                            4790k Cause young person poor people problems. But it still will kick ass

                            • Roma Krelian
                              Roma Krelian  1 days back

                              You win the award for the most accurate thumbnail ever.

                              • Signaturisti
                                Signaturisti  1 days back

                                Going for the Ryzen 3600!

                                Why? Because the fps differences with 9900K at 1440p (especially in games I play) are so minuscule that I could argue that theyre unnoticeable to human eye!!

                                • Steve Frankes
                                  Steve Frankes  2 days back

                                  Simple, don't buy Chinese military spyware chipsets such as Ryzen

                                  • WS S
                                    WS S  2 days back

                                    TR3 3960X, shipped. A mixture of gaming and heavy creator work.

                                    • Kokinkun
                                      Kokinkun  2 days back

                                      Upgraded me and my wife's CPUs from 3570Ks to a 3900X (me) and 3600X (her). We're both gamers and she is a digital artist/designer by profession, Ryzen 3000 series just made sense for both of us. I probably don't need the full power of the 3900X, but I got the Crosshair VIII Impact and already have a custom loop with a 1080Ti, so getting anything less would hurt the PC Enthusiast in me.

                                      • Plasmid
                                        Plasmid  2 days back

                                        ryzen 5 3600 with x570 motherboard because its cheaper and i need the pcie lanes for my m.2 drives

                                        • Zsolt Molnár
                                          Zsolt Molnár  2 days back

                                          i still think MSI X570 Creation is the sexiest of the platform...

                                          • twintriode
                                            twintriode  2 days back

                                            I'm gonna stick with Cyrix. GO MediaGX!!!

                                            • Kelly Daniels
                                              Kelly Daniels  2 days back

                                              3950X and don't look back.

                                              • DMXRACR
                                                DMXRACR  2 days back

                                                What the hell is a "Shill" Jay/Chat??????

                                                • Sounds of Sanctuary
                                                  Sounds of Sanctuary  2 days back

                                                  Building a DAW machine with the 3960x with 128GB RAM and a host machine with the 3970x with 256GB RAM. I'm a composer so I've got the tough job of needing LOTS of multi-threading on a host machine (housing sounds in Vienna Ensemble Pro) with tons of RAM AND I also need the DAW machine to multi-thread BUT have single-thread performance for things like Reverb, EQ, Compression, etc.

                                                  • Utsav Rahut
                                                    Utsav Rahut  2 days back

                                                    @JayzTwoCents Hi! Jay can you recommend a water block for Sapphire Nitro+ 5700 xt. Preferably from ekwb or any other brand easily available.

                                                    • Randy R
                                                      Randy R  2 days back

                                                      I used to always be AMD, since I first started "building" PCs in the late 90's. I went to the devil in 2015 since AMD didn't have any compelling offers. But I am a creator, I write software and this cpu has the type of I/O connectivity and core count to facilitate the sort of high demanding work I do. The cpu will replace a number of scattered servers that help me to the same stuff, but now in one unified platform. Assuming I can get a chip, always sold out, only been 2 weeks though I know.

                                                      • Austin Green
                                                        Austin Green  2 days back

                                                        Awesome looking build there @JayTwoCents
                                                        i'm sticking with my 9900K as it's super stable at 5ghz and i'm happy... plus the fact i've not long upgraded everything (well ok i'm kinda stuck with the Vega 56 atm, but am hoping to rectify that someday when i'm less poor thanks to xmas, car breaking down, kids etc etc) :D

                                                        • Moist Raisen
                                                          Moist Raisen  2 days back

                                                          i was debating between 3950x and 9900ks, but ultimately went with 9900ks because you cant buy 3950 at msrp... and all i do is gaming anyways.

                                                          • Andy Young
                                                            Andy Young  2 days back

                                                            i remember seeing old pentium II editions of pc mags talking about how $1000 was amazing for a top end cpu. then we hit the mid 2000s and the performance gains on midrange were huge. $200-400 was enough for a decent cpu. now we've come out the other side: even low-end stuff is pretty good and midrange doesn't matter as much so it's back to $1000+ for the good stuff.

                                                            • Carl M
                                                              Carl M  3 days back

                                                              I use a 9900k that I got on release because I hate money

                                                              • Michael Bergman
                                                                Michael Bergman  3 days back

                                                                So, how often do you build your machines? Sounds like it is every six months. Basically, you're hot rodding your builds and you don't care if you get a blow out.
                                                                Well, I'm different. I build my machines to last. Every Intel based machine I have built has lasted over five years. I have not had one AMD machine last more than 18 months.
                                                                It's nice that you are showing performance, but until you can show durability, I am not going to waste my money on AMD.

                                                                • Chris Sithiphong
                                                                  Chris Sithiphong  3 days back

                                                                  I want to do a best gaming build and a "why the heck" super highend build.
                                                                  -Gaming cpu would be current 9900ks
                                                                  -super duper highend for no real reason is, not sure. originally I wanted 9980xe but new gen is out...

                                                                  • Astral
                                                                    Astral  3 days back

                                                                    I grabbed a ryzen 5 3600 because AMD is actually relevant again...and budget reasons, of course. :p

                                                                    • Davide Pontiroli
                                                                      Davide Pontiroli  3 days back

                                                                      first world problems

                                                                      • Fenrisúlfr Hródvitnir

                                                                        If you’re not going to use that Ryzen 9, I’d take that off your hands for free or perhaps severely discounted price, perhaps? 😂

                                                                        • Zzyxzz
                                                                          Zzyxzz  3 days back

                                                                          My old RIG was an intel i5 4440 and GTX 970
                                                                          My last budget build and current RIG is a 2600x + ASUS Vega 64 and I'm very happy with it.
                                                                          My next build will be probably a 3700/4700.
                                                                          Graphics card wise... no idea.
                                                                          I'm now in love with AMD. Nvidia and Intel is dead to me.

                                                                          • N64211319
                                                                            N64211319  3 days back

                                                                            You could always wait for TR 3990x and pray you don't have to disable 48 cores to get it to game properly

                                                                            • Alexandros Ioannidis
                                                                              Alexandros Ioannidis  3 days back

                                                                              I would go with Ryzen because the heatspreders look so damn good compared to intel.

                                                                              • Frans van 't Hek
                                                                                Frans van 't Hek  3 days back

                                                                                This video is one big flex xD

                                                                                • Nathan Ihm
                                                                                  Nathan Ihm  3 days back

                                                                                  Ryzen 7 3700x. Excellent price to performance, allows me to use an x570 mobo, and is just overall excellent for gaming. Been really happy with it so far and I've had it about a month in my new rig

                                                                                  • DanielRo
                                                                                    DanielRo  3 days back

                                                                                    Man I have in my PC a Pentium G3220 (2c 2t 3GHZ) , 8 gb ram ddr3 and a gt1030 gddr4 2gb . Can we make a deal :D ?

                                                                                    • Mario Cabana
                                                                                      Mario Cabana  3 days back

                                                                                      I decided to go with the Ryzen 7 3700 X since now I'm editing a lot of videos and photos. Also gaming because...why not jajajajaj

                                                                                      • A Horse
                                                                                        A Horse  3 days back

                                                                                        The og skunkworks has two reservoirs so why not put both types ?

                                                                                        • YZF-R6 Rider
                                                                                          YZF-R6 Rider  4 days back

                                                                                          I have both Intel and AMD Gaming PC's. 7700K 4.8Ghz and Ryzen 3600 4.3Ghz. Next CPU won't be until they release the 4000 series Ryzen. Maybe. I'm choosing Ryzen over Intel not because I like AMD more or vice versa, I'm upgrading to the 4000 series because of the vast performance upgrades AMD has been making since Ryzen launched. When Ryzen first launched it was better than FX and matched some I5's and yada yada. Now we got the 3000 series matching/exceeding Intel's top CPU's and falling just a few FPS under Intel in gaming. I see the 4000 series matching or exceeding Intel in gaming/single core performance as well as price. That is why I am sticking with AMD at this point. I like Intel but AMD is making drastic performance increases that Intel is struggling to stay above.

                                                                                          • Jmac
                                                                                            Jmac  4 days back

                                                                                            Oh if only the whole world was fair and we could all sing kumbya by the fire and rub nuts. Its the business world as soon as everyone figures that out it will be a better place does that make it right ? NO but such is life. AMD will get greedy just a matter of time wait and see.

                                                                                            • lumbeeman01
                                                                                              lumbeeman01  4 days back

                                                                                              Screw what people think. Do you...

                                                                                              • Poison Darts
                                                                                                Poison Darts  4 days back

                                                                                                Oh I'm so rich I don't know what cpu to put in my X-thousand dollars pc. Boohoo, man fuck you!

                                                                                                • 3Dpixels
                                                                                                  3Dpixels  4 days back

                                                                                                  Waiting for my 3960x as i will be doing 3D rendering and animation. It got great single core performance for animation and really great all core performance for rendering. It also have more PCI-E lanes then the 3960x that i do need.