Why I Left Gamestop After 11 Years | HR INVESTIGATION


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  • rymonkey007
    rymonkey007  4 hours back

    I will never ever be shopping at GameStop AGAIN. Ever. They already sucked but now I have some fuel behind my decision. Thanks for this video

    • W
      W  8 hours back

      I’m concerned for you man with your jokes about suicide. You seem like a young guy. Things will get better.

      • DownUnderThunder
        DownUnderThunder  9 hours back

        This is the reason y I hate HR even though I work in a warehouse it's all the same bs wen it comes to anything HR

        • Baaail
          Baaail  10 hours back

          Should've sued them

          • RetroCool78
            RetroCool78  11 hours back

            They were the ones trying to commit time card fraud by telling you that you can't be on the clock at your desk. If you are doing any job function regardless of what it is they have to pay you and by law, you must be on the clock. If they say you must do job functions off the clock they are breaking federal labor laws. I would have lawyered up and sued them for wrongful termination

            • Collin
              Collin  22 hours back

              I played video games... when I was a little kid

              • Matthew Falls
                Matthew Falls  1 days back

                Such bullshit. They can make whatever last minute rules they want and get rid of you. This is why we need unions. Big box retail can basically do whatever they want. Lovely American capitalism. Workers need so much more protection than they have now.

                • Matthew Falls
                  Matthew Falls  1 days back

                  Target. I was there for five years or so. The old timers who made double what they paid the new grunts were targeted more. They see how much you’re paid. Target is SO hypocritical. They play all PC and goody goody. Underneath, they don’t give a SHIT about their employees. I was actually told the my don’t want corporate to know how overworked and underpaid people are. That’d make it harder for them to execute all the shitty things they do to the store workers. Two faced and totally crappy. I hate them. They made it so hard to keep your job. I finally quit. Disgusting company. I try not to shop there anymore. They’re not what you think.

                  • Matthew Falls
                    Matthew Falls  1 days back

                    Oh yeah... another thing. The first manager I had at Target had anger issues. He threw pallets at people. Punched metal poles and bloodied his knuckles. All because they put so much pressure on everyone to do more than one job. So yeah. Awful working enjoyment. They’re assholes. Never again will I put up with that shit. They can suck it. It’s so wonderful when you quit a job like that. Freeing.

                • DblOSmith
                  DblOSmith  1 days back

                  So true. ...and you're so adorable. Come holla at me, Cam.

                  • Capillary
                    Capillary  1 days back

                    Moral of the story - HR is there to protect the company and ASMs are bitches. I left GameStop on my own accord but my ASM was a jackass up there with these idiots.

                    • Tim Clark
                      Tim Clark  1 days back

                      GameStop is garbage. Last time I was there was in January of 2010 getting a Mad Catz XBox 360 Controller for PC and that was it. I was done after that. Last time I had a decent experience at Gamestop was in May or June of 2005 when I was getting a used copy of Metal Gear Solid: Twin Snakes for Gamecube. I'm a PC gamer now, have been for almost 10 years and when I get a PS4 this Black Friday? I'll get my shit from Amazon or Newegg. Fuck retail now and for the last 10 years at the very least

                      • S Beau
                        S Beau  2 days back

                        I'm waiting for the day for Game Stop to go under. That will be a celebrated day.

                        • maxerd
                          maxerd  2 days back

                          17:41 Is there any way to find details on this lawsuit? U got me curious.

                          • Evill Dead
                            Evill Dead  2 days back

                            I haven’t been in a gamestop since 2008

                            • mizzouxc
                              mizzouxc  2 days back

                              Who works at game stop for 11 years unless you own the place?

                              • masskilla469
                                masskilla469  2 days back

                                `I went in a gamestop and a employee scratching one of my game discs i was selling and grabbed him by his neck across the counter and called the manager!!

                                • pavy415
                                  pavy415  2 days back

                                  12 dollars an hour for store manager wtf the dollar tree store manager is 65 and hour lol

                                  • onyourjackjones
                                    onyourjackjones  2 days back

                                    I love your voice

                                    • rudy torres
                                      rudy torres  2 days back

                                      Happy for you man. Happens with well paying factories in small towns that pay well but make you feel like a prisoner and a slave for a handful of good money. I quit after a simple 3 years even after getting a good paying job there and I also felt relieved when I quit.

                                      • bob saget
                                        bob saget  3 days back

                                        Gamestop is so terrible they treat ppl bad. I worked there for 11 years and got fired and now i make videos of how bad it is. Didn't say anything while i worked

                                        • Johnny Mac
                                          Johnny Mac  3 days back

                                          Homie accent is dope. Where he from? Son sound like Elvis.

                                          • Bob's Onsite Computer Repair

                                            You quit, and now have no chance at unemployment until you find a new job. Very smart decision...

                                            • sorry mrgoogle
                                              sorry mrgoogle  3 days back

                                              That is not necessarily admitting guilt. They probably figured out what the cost of litigation would be to fight and win, then took some money off that number, then offered him that.

                                              Or they hoped he was low on cash, so he would take a low number to cut his losses in case he was scared he might not win or that he couldn't afford litigation all the way to a win.

                                              • sorry mrgoogle
                                                sorry mrgoogle  3 days back

                                                He wanted to hug you because he felt guilty for bald-faced lying about the instructions he gave to you.

                                                Not only did he lie, but he implied you were lying when you weren't. And he did it in front of others, and he knew it would get you in trouble. And you were doing what he asked you to and it should have gotten HIM in trouble.

                                                Dudes a piece of work.

                                                • mintsiez
                                                  mintsiez  3 days back

                                                  Don't you pay into Unemployment ? here we pay into employment insurance so its essentially your money in the first place

                                                  • TJ Rice
                                                    TJ Rice  3 days back

                                                    Sounds like time card fraud to me.

                                                    • cody hall
                                                      cody hall  4 days back

                                                      Thank you. Fuck gamestop

                                                      • weinderdog1184
                                                        weinderdog1184  4 days back

                                                        Butter golems

                                                        • Alex Steward
                                                          Alex Steward  4 days back

                                                          Is this also an issue in the UK?

                                                          • maninthebox0
                                                            maninthebox0  4 days back

                                                            I would’ve asked to see the company policy that says if you’re sitting at the desk you technically aren’t to be clocked in /:

                                                            • Leptonaut
                                                              Leptonaut  4 days back

                                                              Don't let the bastards hammer you into silence and compliance. If they come with a lawsuit, load up a GoFundMe and see if YouTubers and the Internet comes to your aid. Social media can be used effectively to fight back.

                                                              • SirrSlaughterr
                                                                SirrSlaughterr  4 days back

                                                                Haven't shopped at any game stop in almost 3 years completely by choice and I never will again. I eagerly await the day it finally goes under.

                                                                • Venomxjjb
                                                                  Venomxjjb  4 days back

                                                                  Sounds a lot like when I used to work for circuit city. We had 1 store manager, the about 4 or 5 floor managers plus department managers. none of them really coordinated, you'd get told one thing by one manager then 30min later get in trouble by a different manager for doing it that way. really you had to kiss some major ass to stay under the radar in that place. I was there about a your then bounced.

                                                                  • Damian Medina
                                                                    Damian Medina  4 days back

                                                                    I actually was going g to apply for a part time and the store manager told me not to do it. he told me PT is only 3 hours a week.

                                                                    • Mario583
                                                                      Mario583  4 days back

                                                                      Sorry Camelot, corporate wants all managers to now sit in the open while writing the schedule to make sure they are not sleeping or slacking off in the back.

                                                                      • Lost Soul
                                                                        Lost Soul  5 days back

                                                                        Better business bureau

                                                                        • Lost Soul
                                                                          Lost Soul  5 days back

                                                                          Fuck game stop

                                                                          • Jenn McLane
                                                                            Jenn McLane  5 days back

                                                                            Verizon did the same thing to a friend of mine. He worked for them 10+ years and was a damn good employee. But he had tenure.. Had a retirement plan.. Had everything and they "laid him off"

                                                                            • TheRedWingsGuy
                                                                              TheRedWingsGuy  5 days back

                                                                              I worked at game stop for almost a year they really do treat employees that work so long for them like shit that’s why I got the fuck out ASAP

                                                                              • Dagro Zombie
                                                                                Dagro Zombie  5 days back

                                                                                Gamestop's like every other corporation a bunch of scum

                                                                                • Cableguy15
                                                                                  Cableguy15  5 days back

                                                                                  Informative video, but the editing was very distracting. We don't need a close up, grayed out shot every 10 seconds to know when to laugh. lol

                                                                                  • Vault013
                                                                                    Vault013  5 days back

                                                                                    I'm right there with you they pull similar crap on me

                                                                                    • Tony Melo
                                                                                      Tony Melo  5 days back

                                                                                      I havent been in a gamestop in over 10 years. I guess its fashionable these days. You guys are way behind. Kids these days.

                                                                                      • Tony Melo
                                                                                        Tony Melo  5 days back

                                                                                        You left gamestop because you wanted to make more than 8 dollars an hour.

                                                                                        • Hunter
                                                                                          Hunter  5 days back

                                                                                          Who else is sitting at their desk at work watching this??? lmao

                                                                                          • madman1366
                                                                                            madman1366  5 days back

                                                                                            Retailers learned something a long time ago, they can treat their workers as disposable assets because for every one they use up and knock out there will be 10 more wanting the job. So long as the fat cats at the top get their cut of the loot, that's all they care about. They don't care about their workers because they don't have to, and it's a lot more profitable for them if they don't. Service industries don't deserve to have good people working for them. They only deserve the people who are learning what they don't want to do the rest of their lives until they've had enough (which is taking less and less time as the years go by) and move along on their merry way. Corporate greed has reduced a massive segment of our job market into insignificant dog meat. It's like you said too, it's like being institutionalized. For one reason or another, people get afraid to leave. I think it's knowing that wherever you do end up that it will be more of the same or worse. At least staying where you are, you know what to expect. Meanwhile, we struggle to put on a happy face doing jobs we absolutely despise for what? Not so happy endings.

                                                                                            • Nocturnal Toothbrush
                                                                                              Nocturnal Toothbrush  5 days back

                                                                                              Gamestop/Eb Games is the worst.

                                                                                              • 3ichael 7ambert
                                                                                                3ichael 7ambert  5 days back

                                                                                                I’m so happy for you, look at you now