"Every Laptop Sucks"


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  • Dave Lee
    Dave Lee   8 months back

    For people that have an xps 13 (or know people with one), did that unit have coil whine?

    • Uchiha Sasuke
      Uchiha Sasuke  5 hours back

      Yep, but disappeared with Ubuntu 😏

    • Aulia Rahman
      Aulia Rahman  3 days back

      Do you actually have all that many laptops? Can you spare me with 1 gaming laptop. Just the cheapest one.

    • Holly Lisa
      Holly Lisa  2 weeks back

      I had one of the first xps 13s (????) And the Nvidia gpu kept frying the Mobo. So I had technicians replacing it every six months until i sold it on eBay

  • Nandu
    Nandu  4 days back

    Elitist taste

    • Muhammad Hassan Ali
      Muhammad Hassan Ali  4 days back


      • AzeRTy Block
        AzeRTy Block  6 days back

        Surface has no issues, right?

        • Raven
          Raven  1 weeks back

          Is MSI PS63 fine for music production...?

          • Akhyar Rayhka
            Akhyar Rayhka  1 weeks back

            Dell and Lenovo made excellent laptops, but i probably never gonna buy from that brand, something that made me dislike it doesnt really know what it is. Its like they just made the good one on the absolute top of the line one.

            • Coi AQ3D
              Coi AQ3D  1 weeks back

              Laptop Seller: How many laptops do you want?
              Dave: Yes.

              • Mini Daz
                Mini Daz  1 weeks back

                Yah that's not true.

                • Hello Goodbye
                  Hello Goodbye  1 weeks back

                  Surprised an Eluktronics wasn't brought out.

                  • Dux Nihilo
                    Dux Nihilo  1 weeks back

                    Every laptop and phone sucks nowadays.

                    • Tinh Nguyen
                      Tinh Nguyen  1 weeks back

                      One time using Macbook Pro 2015, I think it is the world worse keyboard ever ! if you wanna have a good experience on keyboard, I recommend focus on Dell business series such as Latitue and ThinkPad series !

                      • xXMountain DewXx
                        xXMountain DewXx  1 weeks back

                        When 5g becomes widespread you should just stream your desktop

                        • rex adrian catajan
                          rex adrian catajan  2 weeks back

                          best laptop in 2019. Categories like 5 for gaming, 5 for photo video music editing, 5 day to day laptop

                          • Skiellarr Wilson
                            Skiellarr Wilson  2 weeks back

                            I’m looking for a cheap laptop that can play the sims 3 on any recommendations !

                            • xGiraffecookie
                              xGiraffecookie  1 weeks back

                              Yea the sims 3 is just laggy in general. You can have the top of the line big bucks gaming laptop and the sims 3 will still have lag and crashes. Sims 4 doesn’t have as many features as the sims 3 but definitely runs much smoother

                            • Occono
                              Occono  2 weeks back

                              The Sims 3 is hard to run, get The Sims 4.

                          • Talk ID
                            Talk ID  2 weeks back

                            true theres always something lacking

                            • Bill W.
                              Bill W.  2 weeks back

                              this is so sad, i can personally testify to the x1 carbon's inconsistency.

                              • Michael B B
                                Michael B B  2 weeks back

                                Some people say it's great others say its horrible.

                            • coolshariq
                              coolshariq  2 weeks back

                              Man your so wrong Apple sucks!!! I think apple paying you for sure.

                            • Azophi
                              Azophi  2 weeks back

                              I mean there's this thing called like ... BUYING A DESKTOP

                              • Rafael Rei
                                Rafael Rei  2 weeks back

                                There's also this thing called "College", Dumbass

                            • Thomas Jensen
                              Thomas Jensen  2 weeks back

                              Every laptop DOES suck. You get MUCH more power in a tower than you do a laptop at the same price range. You have WAY better options for liquid cooling and upgrade possibilities in a desktop ...... all that aside .... I don't give a f*** about the extra price, I just want power in a VERY portable form factor, and I'm willing to pay

                              • Chocoretto
                                Chocoretto  6 days back

                                It's hard to move a desktop from client to client, hence laptops. Though I don't understand the need for gaming and video editing laptops haha.

                            • Norberto Castro
                              Norberto Castro  2 weeks back

                              How about the surface book2 or surface laptops?

                              • Astro Mec
                                Astro Mec  3 weeks back

                                If apple is consistent with their problems, in that case so is the Dell XPS 13! I had the 2012 or 2013 model and it has that exact same issue 6 years earlier!
                                Now that’s consistency [sarcastic voice]! Amazing! After 6 years they didn’t get this issue fixed [sarcastic voice]!

                                • Cheryl Aketch
                                  Cheryl Aketch  3 weeks back

                                  This is not Oliver from HTGAWM?

                                  • Smart Phone Fix
                                    Smart Phone Fix  3 weeks back

                                    exactly u have one true .. they sucks espec in 2019

                                    • junesuprise
                                      junesuprise  3 weeks back

                                      Apples butterfly keyboard is a issue, I agree.

                                      • Anthony Nelson
                                        Anthony Nelson  3 weeks back

                                        Laptops are for on the go projects. A good PC with Linux Mint is good for the budget, easy to use and fast.

                                        • andrew cool
                                          andrew cool  3 weeks back

                                          if you buy windows based.

                                          • Thanagan
                                            Thanagan  3 weeks back

                                            X1 Carbon (6th gen) has a very crappy finish that comes off and scratches easily especially on the edges. I've taken an amazing care of that laptop and always kept it in a soft case when travelling and still experienced this issue. At this price point it's simply unacceptable.

                                            • Moses Sanchez
                                              Moses Sanchez  4 weeks back

                                              Great video !

                                              • Zynth
                                                Zynth  4 weeks back

                                                My laptop still has a TN panel.... So backlight bleed is basically an everyday shit for me

                                                • Walter Crobato
                                                  Walter Crobato  4 weeks back

                                                  1:26 Good thing you explained the sound because I was curious. I like it though.

                                                  • Matthew Raish
                                                    Matthew Raish  4 weeks back

                                                    On buying from the manufacturer instead of amazon or big box store...

                                                    I bought a Lenovo Legion y540 from Lenovo.

                                                    Had a dead pixel.

                                                    Tech came and replaced panel...and messed up, forgetting to seat the fans to the CPU/GPU. So it was overheating and throttlingn down, fans constantly in jet mode. (My guess.)

                                                    So they sent out another tech, who confirmed what I was thinking, and replaced the motherboard (with GPU/CPU on it) and the fans.

                                                    But this motherboard is getting seen as an ideapad, not a legion y540. So I can't update drivers etc. Plus, now one of my keys is funky. I guess all the taking in and out of the keyboard got a key bumped and messed up.

                                                    So I told Lenovo about this. So they're sending, wait for it, another tech!

                                                    So what Dave said. If I would have bought this from Best Buy I could have just taken it back and replaced it, and avoided all this mess. Downside is, though, I wouldn't have been able to get a customized build and I would have had to pay about 300 more.

                                                    • Asher Wade
                                                      Asher Wade  4 weeks back

                                                      Why no HP laptops?

                                                      • S. S
                                                        S. S  4 weeks back

                                                        Consistent wanky keyboard and thermal limitations 👍

                                                        • Dave Garratt
                                                          Dave Garratt  4 weeks back

                                                          For me its all about the OS. Unfortunately I love MacOS - but that's an issue because Apple have gone out of their way to p*&^S me off - starting with the keyboard debacle and now with the latest MacOS Catalina bugs. I write cross platform apps using Java and I think it's easier coding on a Mac or Linux machine which will run on Windows as well than it would be the other way around. So If I decide to leave Apple world and go Linux - well the choice really narrows - especially if you live in the UK. I want a top end power machine with at least a 15 screen - fully supported hardware under linux - probably Ubuntu and great local hardware support. Just can't find any laptops with linux pre-installed which has acceptable hardware support in the UK.

                                                          • Terry Estepp
                                                            Terry Estepp  4 weeks back

                                                            Great topic.

                                                            • Nel H
                                                              Nel H  4 weeks back

                                                              Yeah whatever bruh. Laptops sucks lifesucks. Lets just shoot some people.

                                                              • Gabriel Izzo
                                                                Gabriel Izzo  1 months back

                                                                Sees video title, agrees immediately

                                                                • 8bitnitwit
                                                                  8bitnitwit  1 months back

                                                                  "At least the Macbooks are consistently crap"

                                                                  • maxroman2010
                                                                    maxroman2010  1 months back

                                                                    Amen! Most of the time.. I seem to not like your videos, Dave. But this video showed me that you support facts and truth.

                                                                    The bottom line with laptops and phones is.. they all suck)))) or! they are all good. It just.. all "depends" and "relative". You might get a defective unit))) like Steve Jobs once said.. if just 0.55% of iphones have a problem, although it affects some thousands of users.. it is not a representation of the truth. And... I can imagine how Jobs was soo irritated by the stupid people who blew the thing out of proportions.. I mean.. on one hand people don't like the prices of the phones being big.. but on the other hand they demand failure and fault rate to be like... 0.001%.. That's one of the things that drives the phone prices up!

                                                                    Anyway... thanks for the nice video

                                                                    • Jen 젠
                                                                      Jen 젠  1 months back

                                                                      Please do a review on the new pixel book go !!!

                                                                      • Gang Cao
                                                                        Gang Cao  1 months back

                                                                        I like these honest reviews. You're great!

                                                                        • Ken Ken
                                                                          Ken Ken  1 months back

                                                                          We all know that Laptop Z > Laptop Y > Laptop X

                                                                          • Sonny Crockett
                                                                            Sonny Crockett  1 months back

                                                                            Dave, I'm on a budget, about $600 for a new laptop, since MS wouldn't fix my Surface Pro 4 with 'Flickergate', but ran into a 4th gen Lenovo X1 Carbon G3 with 5th gen i5 with 8gb of ram and 250gb ssd. For about $525. Refurbished. Good deal?

                                                                            • Gianni Van den Bosch
                                                                              Gianni Van den Bosch  1 months back

                                                                              well yes, but no.
                                                                              Unedited, stock, and not modded laptops sucks, yea.
                                                                              i have a XPS 15. i have modded it a little with thermal pads and thermal paste. some more stuff and i removed all lagg. this made my device go (on battery/on the go) silent. and while gameing to a non throttling high settings gaming pc. i havent broken warrenty and my device works like a PC. 10/10 would purchase again.

                                                                              • ayush pathania
                                                                                ayush pathania  1 months back

                                                                                My old dell olso has coil wine

                                                                                • Abyss
                                                                                  Abyss  1 months back

                                                                                  ASUS was straight up one of the worst products I've ever bought. S400 ca model quite a while back but it's given me trouble fairly early into it's life.

                                                                                  • TH3MS
                                                                                    TH3MS  1 months back

                                                                                    The XPS has alot of other issues though. The Dell service on site is decent though. I live in Sweden and we dont have the other options as you mentions besides Apple service in some areas but Apple service... have you not seen all the issues with Apple service lately? Also if you buy it from what we have here like Media Market (german Electronics reseller), it takes several weeks Before you get your stuff back.

                                                                                    • TH3MS
                                                                                      TH3MS  1 months back

                                                                                      Yea they do, but they do to different degrees depending on the model. If all laptops where good, reviews would be meaningless