Skip & Shannon react to Kenny Stills defends criticizing MIA owner for hosting fundraiser for TRUMP


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  • Mr. Clark
    Mr. Clark  4 months back

    Just because he’s friends with someone doesn’t mean he stands beside him in what or who he is .
    Like Denzel once said the world only sees one colour is green (money).

    • anbs1682
      anbs1682  4 months back

      I am not a Trump fan ;however, I am not an Obama fan either. With Black Panther friends and as a Black Man I could never support anyone that doesn't help poor people or support poor people defending themselves. They were originally founded as the Black Panther Party for Self-Defense until governor Ronald Regan signed the Mulford Act which put into effect strict gun laws that stripped legal ownership of firearms from Black Panther members and prevented any citizens, black or white, from carrying firearm weapons in public.

      • fate7623
        fate7623  4 months back

        What did Trump say about minorities?

        • Sam Co
          Sam Co  4 months back

          So what Kenny is saying is that if u support Trump you’re automatically a racist cool

          • Clingzy
            Clingzy  4 months back

            Alex Weise how is trump racist I need details and facts

          • Alex Weise
            Alex Weise  4 months back

            Sam Co you automatically support a racist, whether you are personally racist or not, which is still a problem.

        • King Cola
          King Cola  4 months back

          Stop cashing NFL checks Stills n maybe people will believe in ur cause

          • dirk diggler
            dirk diggler  4 months back

            King Cola so he can’t feed his family ?

        • Niko Roulias
          Niko Roulias  4 months back

          TRUMP MAGA 2020

          • The Last King of Scotland

            Shannon says that Trump makes it harder for blacks to do "Certain Things" I'm fucking done with this show and that channel. I've gone over 2 years without ESPN I can go with out fox sports. I guess I'm going full independent sports commentary on Youtube from now on.

            • lee4pres
              lee4pres  4 months back

              No lie Skip and Wayne friendship gives me some hope for humanity

              • substitute life
                substitute life  4 months back

                Stills feels that strongly he should demand a trade, quit the team STOP cashing those checks that the Bad evil Owner is writing him

                • MTS
                  MTS  4 months back

                  I like Sharp, I really do .. However like the other numb nuts who call or think or lie about Trump being racist have not given one solid example, or statement that they can attribute to the President as racist. Believing that the boarders should be solid, and that Americans should come first is not racist. Overturning bad policies by a previous administration because the President of that administration is Black is not racist.....period. Shannon is a snow flake.......

                  • fjams
                    fjams  4 months back

                    1. Trump's not racist. 2. Fox don't be ESPN

                    • Alex King
                      Alex King  4 months back

                      Trump is not a racist, dumb fucks. People who support Trump also aren't racist. You do realize many non-whites support the president, right? Are they all racist, too, or just mean ol' whitey?

                      You people are fucking pathetic.

                      • Alex King
                        Alex King  4 months back

                        Jesus, Shannon has a serious case of TDS. Fucking idiot. Trump has not taken a single right away from anyone nor has he tried.

                        Inb4 "He excluded trans people from the military". Serving in the military is not a right, fucktard.

                        Leftists are fucking stupid.

                        • Dustin Klumpe
                          Dustin Klumpe  4 months back

                          Fake oppressed .

                          • Dustin Klumpe
                            Dustin Klumpe  4 months back

                            Fredo, are you here?

                            • Chris Bailey
                              Chris Bailey  4 months back

                              Thinking badly is bad. Citing others to do bad is even worst. And using your energy to set bad things in motion is...?

                              • S T
                                S T  4 months back

                                Kenny stills fitten to get that Kaepernick treatment

                                • Edited for your Safety
                                  Edited for your Safety  4 months back

                                  Shannon is a SJW. "when will people vote for the good of the country"? Every election Shannon, that's the whole fucking point. People vote for their own interests and they believe what they are voting for IS in the best interest of the country. But if they don't agree with Ol' Shay Sharpe, they are wrong and selfish. That attitude greatly helps this country Shannon. Thanks for your help

                                  • Jonathan S
                                    Jonathan S  4 months back

                                    So if a bigot, and yes if your "friend" is a bigot then you are a bigot, is nice to Shannon personally then he gets a pass?? What is wrong with that dude.

                                    • Chris Brooks
                                      Chris Brooks  4 months back

                                      Did sharpe just say Trump make it harder for blacks to do certain things? Like what?

                                      • Nik D'Agostino
                                        Nik D'Agostino  4 months back

                                        Remember when sports used to be an escape from politics?

                                        • Roadkill Bingo
                                          Roadkill Bingo  4 months back

                                          It's just one of a handful. 99% of videos on ESPNs channels are not about politics. I actually applaud these bozos for attempting to make commentary on something hard hitting.

                                      • El Quednau
                                        El Quednau  4 months back

                                        You guys are so wrong and this shouldn't be apart of the show. First off the riots kicked off while Obama was still president. He did nothing to help the riots because he knew he wasn't going to be president the next year, it wasn't his problem then. Also same situation when he brought our troops home. So he looked good sending everyone home at the end of his presidency. Now terrorism is strong in the middle east again. Wonder why?

                                        • Cdiddly Son
                                          Cdiddly Son  4 months back

                                          Kenny Stills is an idiot. No one understands that Democrats didn’t want slavery to end, they formed the KKK. Imagine hating a man because he’s doing better than you.

                                          • Charles Mickael
                                            Charles Mickael  4 months back

                                            Who is this Kenny Stills person?

                                            • Dank Funny
                                              Dank Funny  4 months back

                                              Charles Mickael Wide Receiver for the Dolphins

                                          • Daily Asperger's Syndrome

                                            The man that you support thinks less of people of color Shannon you are a total fucking retard!

                                            • Daily Asperger's Syndrome

                                              Looks like these guys are picking sides as well

                                              • darryl ross
                                                darryl ross  4 months back

                                                Black athletes are pushing the black population to death by Democrats policies...Hey black people are tired of living in slums while black celebrities live in the suburbs..

                                                • darryl ross
                                                  darryl ross  4 months back

                                                  Athletes are delusional.... what planet are they own....

                                                  • Cdiddly Son
                                                    Cdiddly Son  4 months back

                                                    darryl ross they should have their own planet they are uneducated retards

                                                • Daniel Paquet
                                                  Daniel Paquet  4 months back

                                                  he cant be friends with RK,and niether could I

                                                  • Daniel Paquet
                                                    Daniel Paquet  4 months back

                                                    he should quit then dont take his dirty money...

                                                    • Christopher Rios-Morales
                                                      Christopher Rios-Morales  4 months back

                                                      Face it hoes trump is winning again 😂

                                                      • tyler mintz
                                                        tyler mintz  4 months back

                                                        Putting your two cents about djt and saying he is against racial equality is not gonna help the situation. Besides he isnt a freakin racist. First comment ive ever had a problem with. Shoutout to Shannon Sharp

                                                        • Matthew Housley
                                                          Matthew Housley  4 months back

                                                          Idk y’all hate trump but his policies have done good for a lot of people and that doesn’t apply to race specifics either. Now the travel ban and border issues are DEBATABLE national security issues therefore that is up to interpretation but numbers have actually shown lower African American unemployment and so on now I’m not saying everything is peachy but still the majority of America just needs to learn that yes. Trump is extremely annoying unprofessional and makes absolutely baffling remarks but the actual policies being carried out don’t reflect that, so let’s not get caught up in what’s being said and just be happy about what being done until his long ass term is over. Yes I know that’s easier said then done and I “don’t understand hardships that everyone is going through” cause you know I’m a white guy so we don’t really know anything about that cause we racistZ. Anyways just thoughts for y’all

                                                          • Chris Tran
                                                            Chris Tran  4 months back

                                                            You guys are a political show y tf am I hearing political talk when I come to watch y’all talk about sports and black unemployment is at a all time low and a record breaking star since trump has been office Shannon so before get up on tv I would know the facts my guy before believing everything on tv and the media

                                                            • smith lovy
                                                              smith lovy  4 months back

                                                              Black unemployment being at an "all time low" means what exactly? It's finally below 20%? Big fuckin woop.

                                                          • Andy Avila
                                                            Andy Avila  4 months back

                                                            Record breaking deficit... Record breaking national debt... Trump is pulling back on the trade war after taking huge losses... Fed rate cuts.... Oh but our economy is doing so well... Lol...

                                                            • Chris Brooks
                                                              Chris Brooks  4 months back

                                                              Andy Avila it is though? And debt would be better if the policies before would’ve worked but it didn’t so trump had to spend the money so it’ll fix in the long run.... spend a little now gain a lot later

                                                          • Marky Mark
                                                            Marky Mark  4 months back

                                                            Kenny stills keeps this up and he will be next drama queen banned from NFL 🤫

                                                            • Marky Mark
                                                              Marky Mark  4 months back

                                                              Ross needs to tell Kenny stills to hush and mind his own business and cut the drama out or else leave..

                                                              • David Armstrong
                                                                David Armstrong  4 months back

                                                                Shannon is short sighted on this.

                                                                • Rashaad Calhoun
                                                                  Rashaad Calhoun  4 months back

                                                                  That Robert Kraft is an interesting individual. Idk how you support Trump and stand next to Meek mill...

                                                                  Trump has even spoke put about A$ap Rocky, an advocated for his freedom when A$AP was locked up over sea's

                                                                  I need an explanation

                                                                  • Life Of Brandon
                                                                    Life Of Brandon  4 months back

                                                                    Why should Kenny go to the owner when the owner didn’t come to Kenny to see if supporting trump was a god idea

                                                                    • Chris Brooks
                                                                      Chris Brooks  4 months back

                                                                      Life Of Brandon so say if McDonalds CEO comes out and says “I’ve donated Millions to Trump out of my own private account” he should’ve told whole McDonald’s enterprise before hand? I’m not trying to be a asshole I just trying to understand better

                                                                    • Life Of Brandon
                                                                      Life Of Brandon  4 months back

                                                                      Marky Mark then therefore why does Ross care of players stand or kneel when the nfl rule didn’t make players stand!!? He wants to work together with Kenny and day he stands with the issue don’t you think if they are friends that’s something you tell your friend or even employee so they don’t go out making the wrong comments/decision

                                                                    • Marky Mark
                                                                      Marky Mark  4 months back

                                                                      The owner don't owe Kenny stills an explanation..Kenny is an employee under Ross.. Ross private personal choices is not Kenny's business at all.

                                                                  • ZThe Real
                                                                    ZThe Real  4 months back

                                                                    At the end of the day that owner can do whatever he wants it's his freedom to do it. Stills is there to play football not criticize the man that is paying your bills

                                                                    • JOHN RMIREZ
                                                                      JOHN RMIREZ  4 months back

                                                                      you are a stand up guy if you criticize trump lol what if a white player criticized obama these guys would go ballistic on that white player

                                                                      • bigm95
                                                                        bigm95  4 months back

                                                                        Trump is obviously a divisive character through his words and actions. while Obama didn't have those actions, rhetoric, or unsavory past that Trump has. Trump in his self is a divisive person that makes people either love him or hate him. Obama seems like a just a really likable guy that.

                                                                    • Btk 2020
                                                                      Btk 2020  4 months back

                                                                      I can be friends with people I don't agree with..... Unless the difference involves them being RACIST AND HOMOPHOBIC.

                                                                      • Btk 2020
                                                                        Btk 2020  4 months back

                                                                        That's weird because I never mentioned his name. I was just making a general statement... But okay.

                                                                      • Chris Brooks
                                                                        Chris Brooks  4 months back

                                                                        Or Homophobic

                                                                      • Chris Brooks
                                                                        Chris Brooks  4 months back

                                                                        Btk 2020 But Trump not racist

                                                                    • dadirtyone 1
                                                                      dadirtyone 1  4 months back

                                                                      It's NATURAL for EVERY race of people to stick up for and or take up for their own people. so y is it seem only wrong for white people? Lol smh

                                                                      • Kai Kawasumi
                                                                        Kai Kawasumi  4 months back

                                                                        The answer is somewhat simple. It's because "white" is a made up term used to group people together against people of color. If you're "white" your heritage is Italian, , or Irish, or German, etc. Being proud to be white is like saying I'm proud to be in a group consisting of everybody in the world who isn't a person of color. These words were literally planned to be used to divide and instill people with a sense of pride so they could band together against people of color.
                                                                        The term "black" is used in America because a lot of slaves, former slaves, and descendants of slaves didn't and do not know their heritage or where they came from so they just stuck with the word given to them based on their skin color over the years.

                                                                    • Ian Winter
                                                                      Ian Winter  4 months back

                                                                      Lol too bad Kenny Stills is a dumbass. Fun fact...Trump isn't a racist and supporting him as the president doesn't mean you hate black people

                                                                      • Seminole Nation
                                                                        Seminole Nation  4 months back

                                                                        You can’t be friends with people who don’t want open borders and China to keep getting away what they have been for 25 years?
                                                                        Shannon needs to realize a certain political party has called their opponents racist for 40 years no matter what. While that party has done what for you?

                                                                        • C Dia
                                                                          C Dia  4 months back

                                                                          Fake ass shit why he hate the president because they brain washed most people to hate there own country what a fuckignvlown

                                                                          • FromSteph2You
                                                                            FromSteph2You  4 months back

                                                                            So much for a tolerant liberal, can't be friends with a conservative.. Sad... Life's not that serious.

                                                                            • Btk 2020
                                                                              Btk 2020  4 months back

                                                                              @Marvin Worthy I'm saying that because I've ended friendships with conservatives because of their racist and homophobic views. They've called me intolerant. I'm just stating that it's possible for friendships to end for good reason. I guess you also skipped the part where I mentioned homophobic views.

                                                                            • Marvin Worthy
                                                                              Marvin Worthy  4 months back

                                                                              How did you hear that. He never said that he was talking about supporting racism. It just so happens those are two conservatives. Yal so quick to box things off

                                                                            • Btk 2020
                                                                              Btk 2020  4 months back

                                                                              I'm a tolerant liberal and I am friends with conservatives. I wouldn't be their friend if their opinions were racist and homophobic. I refuse to "tolerate" hatefulness