Modified Ramen - You Suck at Cooking (episode 80)

  • Published: 21 September 2018
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    “Instant noodles were invented by Momofuku Ando (born Go Pek-Hok) of Nissin Foods in Japan.[1] They were launched in 1958 under the brand name Chikin Ramen. In 1971, Nissin introduced Cup Noodles, the first cup noodle product. Instant noodles are marketed worldwide under many brand names.

    Ramen, a Japanese noodle soup, is sometimes used as a descriptor for instant noodle flavors by some Japanese instant noodle manufacturers. It has become synonymous in America for all instant noodle products.[2]”

    If you've never had actual ramen from a Japanese restaurant, put that at the top of your food-related to do list. Actually go right now. I don’t care if you’re at work, just go.

    Checking for WABS is mostly necessary with the cheap North American packets (as far as I know). If you get Asian versions of instant ramen there are a LOT of great ones with tons of flavor, sauces, dehydrated vegetables. Also the ones served in cup seems to be more deluxe.

    Recipe #1: Broth of choice, Scallions and eggs. I tend to cook my egg most of the way through but you do you, boo.

    Recipe #2: Veggie or chicken broth, Scallions, peanut butter, chopped broccoli. This is my favorite. A simpler version of my spicy peanut butter soup video.

    Recipe #3: No broth, Bacon, butter, parmesan. For when you're feeling filthy and want to compound it.

    Recipe #4: Veggie or chicken broth, Indian curry paste and chic peas. There are a lot of veggies that would work well in this. There are also a ton of Indian curry pastes but I haven't met one I didn't like.

    Recipe #5 Beef broth, spinach, sliced steak. Slice the steak as thinly as possible. I was looking for flank steak, ended up using top sirloin, you could also use hanger steak or skirt steak...there is a lot of opinions on steak cuts but I'm already out of my comfort zone. Just in life in general.

    If you've read this far, congratulations, I'm giving away a prize to the few that get this far. The prize is the gift of reading my random ramblings for the next couple of minutes.

    Do you ever find yourself sitting around, living life, then suddenly you’re all WTF? I mean W IN T ACTUAL F. In an existential kind of way. Honestly the weight of actually existing, even when things are going great, is sometimes just super overwhelming. I'm not sure it's really fathomable. I mean if we think about the beginning of the universe and try to imagine the nothing that it came from, it's gotta be a trick. Like there can't have ever been nothing. But if there can't have ever been nothing then…this is the point at which I've actually gone mad. Help. My brain is trying to stretch in a way it wasn't built for. My brain isn't Simone Biles, you know? And you shouldn't expect it to be. It has limits. But is that just the ceiling of my own confidence? The real problem here is that I said you won a prize, and usually prizes are supposed to be something good where you feel, "yeah, I totally just won a prize, man, I love prizes.” But just look at this. I'm not even sorry. It's possible I was up late last night.
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  • You Suck At Cooking
    You Suck At Cooking   1 years back

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    • one one
      one one  1 weeks back


    • Lik Amoj
      Lik Amoj  1 months back

      I ain’t sending *nudes*

    • solar
      solar  2 months back

      Majestic Pickle *Yeah You Totally Suck*

    • dipperdandy
      dipperdandy  2 months back

      bitch you gotta EARN it

    • phantom of the void
      phantom of the void  2 months back

      your roomate sucks dude

  • umqr
    umqr  4 hours back

    1:58 wtf was that

    • Bobillow Fitch
      Bobillow Fitch  18 hours back

      I hope it's not pedo friendly.

      • Corny The Corn
        Corny The Corn  2 days back

        No u

        • Sencha Yellow
          Sencha Yellow  3 days back

          You need a babish feat.

        • Shraddha Lohia
          Shraddha Lohia  3 days back

          "because you realise youre in the wrong program 2 years too late" HOW DID HE KNOW

          • Shraddha Lohia
            Shraddha Lohia  3 days back

            i love u

            • Jennifer Liu
              Jennifer Liu  4 days back

              “Until its artery cement”

              OH YES

              • beep
                beep  4 days back

                that moment when you see those little brown dots on your ramen and it's really slimey and mushy

                • Greg Francis
                  Greg Francis  5 days back

                  Climate change isn’t real

                  • BakedBeans
                    BakedBeans  2 days back

                    is your comment a joke or are you stupid

                • C & C Miller
                  C & C Miller  6 days back

                  Bold of you to assume me and my roommate can afford anything but ramen.

                  • Joseph Muin
                    Joseph Muin  6 days back

                    If three days ago someone told me I would be on my third day of binge watching some mental patient's youtube cooking show, I would have told that person to that I don't have friends and it seems likely.

                    • embrezar
                      embrezar  6 days back

                      You know what's better than Hello Fresh? Freshly, which doesn't even require cooking. Instead of simply delivering pre-measured amounts of ingredients for the recipient to cook, the meals are precooked and can simply be heated in the microwave in 3 minutes. So, if you want to pay $12.50 per meal, hit up Freshly... otherwise, get your ass to the grocery store like a normal adult.

                      • Justin Time
                        Justin Time  7 days back

                        He sounds like bob from bobs burgers.

                        • soulassassin0g
                          soulassassin0g  7 days back

                          0:52 I don't know where you're from but here in Murica a tall can is a 24-25 fl. oz can. What you have there is a 16 fl. oz can, not a tall can.

                          • Dmitrij Paškevič
                            Dmitrij Paškevič  1 weeks back

                            That went deep..

                            • CommanderBomb
                              CommanderBomb  1 weeks back

                              Does anyone know what kind of steak he uses?

                            • topjack 54321842
                              topjack 54321842  1 weeks back

                              The water must be really good

                              • Ash Catchem
                                Ash Catchem  1 weeks back

                                Lol 1:23 dreams of a sharp knife while using a $100 knife. Send it back to cutco bro, lifetime free sharpening.

                                • Crab
                                  Crab  1 weeks back

                                  This video was made with hate

                                  • Mohammed Noorwali
                                    Mohammed Noorwali  1 weeks back


                                    ~ you suck at cooking

                                    • Ken Salter
                                      Ken Salter  1 weeks back

                                      When are going to have more Banana With String(tm) available for order in your store?

                                      • goonie
                                        goonie  1 weeks back

                                        the broccoli one is actually really good i recommend

                                        • Sashi_Me
                                          Sashi_Me  1 weeks back

                                          This video hit harder than I was prepared to take.

                                          • BigBoss heh
                                            BigBoss heh  1 weeks back


                                            • Muhammad Faqihuddin Azman

                                              Cool video.. Im subscribing

                                              • Maria Santiago
                                                Maria Santiago  1 weeks back

                                                Lmfaoo! This was great

                                                • Cryptic Wintermoon
                                                  Cryptic Wintermoon  1 weeks back

                                                  That intro is gold

                                                  • Lothric
                                                    Lothric  1 weeks back

                                                    ok here is my ramen "recipe"
                                                    this is to make the broth more tasty
                                                    2x curry flavour noodles
                                                    2x pinch of salt
                                                    ??? random shakes of paprika, chilli powder (MILD NOT ACCEPTABLE MUST BE HOT) and curry powder
                                                    as for protein
                                                    Bacon bits make sure to add the bacon fat because if your living on ramen then you probably dont care about your health like i dont so fuckit
                                                    boil down until the broth is thick and kinda creamy and eat out of the saucepan you used to boil the noodles in while questioning why you listened to some randy with a weird name in the comments (none of this is a joke i did this today)

                                                    • hexr
                                                      hexr  1 weeks back

                                                      3:15 Wait, does hangover ramen mean cheap spagheti carbonara?

                                                    • Nerdzilla gaming
                                                      Nerdzilla gaming  2 weeks back

                                                      tried making hangover ramen, but all the parmesan sunk to the bottom and stuck to the pot ._.

                                                      • MyArtJourney
                                                        MyArtJourney  2 weeks back

                                                        I was just about to make some instant ramen so I got on here to find a video to watch while I ate it and this video was reccomend to me.. •-•

                                                        Also, as a poor college student I feel low-key personally attacked

                                                        • Faith
                                                          Faith  2 weeks back

                                                          Nobody asked but I have a ramen bowl that says send noods lmao

                                                          • FBI
                                                            FBI  1 weeks back


                                                        • Faith
                                                          Faith  2 weeks back

                                                          I’m finna add broccoli scallions Parmesan and soy sauce and call it a day.

                                                          • chris
                                                            chris  2 weeks back

                                                            Yeah lemme just subtract some fucking water

                                                            • Sverre de Heer
                                                              Sverre de Heer  2 weeks back

                                                              Save money by eating noodles?
                                                              Naaah toss some steak in there

                                                              • Tatenda Tambo
                                                                Tatenda Tambo  2 weeks back

                                                                Inspirational and emotional, though too overtly sexual for my tastes (ramen, of all things). I'll subscribe anyway.

                                                                • Termiic
                                                                  Termiic  2 weeks back

                                                                  Love how your drawer has nails along everything else..

                                                                  • sksksks 123
                                                                    sksksks 123  2 weeks back

                                                                    You are the reason dEPrEsSiON exists.

                                                                    • Sarch Lalaith
                                                                      Sarch Lalaith  2 weeks back

                                                                      Intro 10/10

                                                                      • σw
                                                                        σw  2 weeks back

                                                                        Dude hows it possible to like brocolies how

                                                                        • Swagmaster 69
                                                                          Swagmaster 69  2 weeks back

                                                                          The first few 20 seconds defines my feelings

                                                                          • Sekiro
                                                                            Sekiro  3 weeks back

                                                                            This video did help me because at least it taste better than microwaved when I cooked it.

                                                                            • Laugh Ahole
                                                                              Laugh Ahole  3 weeks back

                                                                              OMG, that's the best Video Opening ever.

                                                                              • loop zoop
                                                                                loop zoop  3 weeks back

                                                                                just use forks for noodles instead of spoons/scissors

                                                                                • Palatine of facts
                                                                                  Palatine of facts  3 weeks back

                                                                                  I'm 25 and never ate meat, when is my phase going to end?

                                                                                  • InvisibleSphere
                                                                                    InvisibleSphere  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Casually explained???

                                                                                    • Sven Roberts
                                                                                      Sven Roberts  3 weeks back

                                                                                      I tried Hangover Ramen and it is DELICOUS