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  • NotAMaster
    NotAMaster  2 weeks back

    0:00 ima tell my kids this was ricegum

  • My last name is Bob
    My last name is Bob  19 minutes back

    Hey where’s the uploads

    • mcpegamez 100
      mcpegamez 100  3 hours back

      2years for no fucking upload😁😭 I miss you guys.

      • Ivan Serrano
        Ivan Serrano  4 hours back

        You get tired of your car bitch Logan just bought you that car like a year or 8 month gold digger gold digger gold digger like I hate girls saying I’m tired of there car I just break up with them like a sec

        • Deleting
          Deleting  3 hours back

          Bruh stfu you are probably like 10 and your parents own an 1990 car or something

      • Z Nation
        Z Nation  4 hours back

        Image going past that driveway and seeing 3 lambos and a camaro “Does Bill gates live here?”

        • MalfunctionTV
          MalfunctionTV  4 hours back

          You haven’t uploaded in 2 weeks

          • DriftSkull 87
            DriftSkull 87  5 hours back

            Where’s the vlog

            • Veloco
              Veloco  6 hours back

              Something tells me The SML movie will come out

              In 2036

              • LegoDC Bricks
                LegoDC Bricks  6 hours back

                Well there goes daily vlogs. it's been 2 weeks.

                • Joe Smith
                  Joe Smith  7 hours back

                  Hi. I just wanted to let chili and Logan know that if my comment was the reason they broke up, don’t let it be. I have nothing to do with Logan or chili. I’m just a 13-year-old child riding stupid ass comments. You have to quit taking things so damn literally. But it would be nice to put my tongue in her mouth. Plus, there are so many comments. How would she have been able to see my reply and all those comments?

                  • Veloco
                    Veloco  6 hours back

                    What did you comment and it's not chili it's chilly are she's not a restaurant lol 🤯

                • Noah Draper
                  Noah Draper  7 hours back

                  Chilly: WE GOT A NEW LAMBORGHINI URUS!!
                  Logan: Demonitized
                  Youtube: Correct a few more million subscribers and he got supermariologan!

                  • Me and my brothers Channel

                    Who is still waiting for a new chilly upload

                    • Earl Bombard
                      Earl Bombard  7 hours back

                      What's going on here who the hell am I supposed to watch

                      • Austan Duane
                        Austan Duane  8 hours back

                        Bro were the sml movie

                        • Austan Duane
                          Austan Duane  4 hours back

                          Thats proble true but we had to remind him so he might make it

                        • MalfunctionTV
                          MalfunctionTV  4 hours back

                          He ain’t making it

                      • Jackmods
                        Jackmods  8 hours back

                        Dude wheres the dayly upload 2 weeks
                        no upload no nothing nothing to tell us whats up this is why i stop watching you guys

                        • Lorenzo Pina
                          Lorenzo Pina  9 hours back

                          Tito live outside Tito live outside Tito live outside titi fuc* your 🍟

                          • knife_ okie
                            knife_ okie  9 hours back

                            Yo my school sent home a slip with my little brother saying that sml is very inappropriate.....thats some crap😬😬😡

                            • superBowserkeyon jr
                              superBowserkeyon jr  9 hours back


                              • Endostunz
                                Endostunz  9 hours back

                                What happend wered you guys go

                                • Ethan McGuire
                                  Ethan McGuire  10 hours back

                                  What happened to uploading every day

                                  • dizzy 708
                                    dizzy 708  10 hours back

                                    Good luck paying for that lambo if your not uploading

                                    • Mario 272006
                                      Mario 272006  11 hours back

                                      Toys r us is back somewhere

                                      • Elite Gamer Army
                                        Elite Gamer Army  11 hours back

                                        What ever happen to the SML movie?

                                        • Lachie King
                                          Lachie King  12 hours back


                                          • Martha Guzman
                                            Martha Guzman  12 hours back

                                            Can you plz make a vid

                                            • darthvader 11
                                              darthvader 11  13 hours back

                                              Chilly you look actually like my 4th grade teacher

                                              • Jason Kott
                                                Jason Kott  13 hours back

                                                you should call it the banana lambo

                                                • Sandra Animations
                                                  Sandra Animations  13 hours back

                                                  Um every not day bro

                                                  • Savage Omar04
                                                    Savage Omar04  13 hours back

                                                    Wow chilly says she will upload every day but 2 weeks later no vlog no content no new subscribers

                                                    • Dylanl EL train Delgadillo

                                                      At least you will have three Lamborghinis you can sell if you tube fucks you over hard

                                                      • GD Jay
                                                        GD Jay  13 hours back

                                                        "see ya tomorrow :)" it's been 2 weeks

                                                        • Shoetube
                                                          Shoetube  13 hours back

                                                          Just subscribed . You deserve the Lambo. Glad you made the video. You guys will be fine. Just make videos , post them on a your own website with a subscription every month. Your Welcome.

                                                          • VaronBros
                                                            VaronBros  14 hours back

                                                            13:51 Yessir, represent Dallas!

                                                            • Dayanira Hernandez
                                                              Dayanira Hernandez  14 hours back

                                                              Chilly you're such a liar dumb

                                                              • Dj lemon
                                                                Dj lemon  14 hours back

                                                                daily uploads: failed
                                                                miss one upload a month if necessary: misses 2 weeks strait

                                                                • Biscuit_Melon
                                                                  Biscuit_Melon  14 hours back

                                                                  Can we see alaina or wut ever her name isses

                                                                  • super mario Puggy
                                                                    super mario Puggy  14 hours back

                                                                    Where have you been this last week

                                                                    • Something and more something

                                                                      A new video would be nice

                                                                      • Brand Neg
                                                                        Brand Neg  15 hours back

                                                                        U lie no upload everyday look there gonna be sorry for not uploading we will upload everyday promise 1 week later missed a day

                                                                        • Dark Wolf
                                                                          Dark Wolf  15 hours back

                                                                          Chilly you inspire me! :3

                                                                          • Mr Fantastic
                                                                            Mr Fantastic  15 hours back

                                                                            Chilly: l am going to upload every day😒

                                                                            • Sheldon Huynh
                                                                              Sheldon Huynh  15 hours back

                                                                              Start uploading Chilly! It’s been 2 weeks.

                                                                              • ÌtžDèpréxìëtÿ_ Kìttÿ

                                                                                Can you please upload more?!
                                                                                I really want you to upload

                                                                                • Louis Lewis
                                                                                  Louis Lewis  15 hours back

                                                                                  That should be the Bowser car

                                                                                  • Samuel Kai
                                                                                    Samuel Kai  15 hours back

                                                                                    She is going to do a bts and act like nothing ever happened and she is going to act like she isn’t a lier

                                                                                  • Joe Miller
                                                                                    Joe Miller  15 hours back

                                                                                    Upload dammit

                                                                                    • Joe Miller
                                                                                      Joe Miller  15 hours back

                                                                                      Every fucking day huh?

                                                                                      • GreatestGamerOfAllTime
                                                                                        GreatestGamerOfAllTime  15 hours back

                                                                                        Chilly start posting