Welcome to Memory - Animal Crossing New Leaf Welcome Amiibo Live Stream - Ep. 96

  • Published: 14 August 2019
  • Hello again everyone, welcome back to Animal Crossing! Back by *very* popular demand, I thought now would be a good time to work ourselves up for the release of Animal Crossing New Horizons by spending a little more time with New Leaf. This is sort of like my way of saying "goodbye" to this fantastic game, and getting (even more) hyped for the next game.

    I hope you guys will join me in this series, where we will be focusing on creating the "Perfect Town". This series will be entirely streamed on my Twitch channel (link down below) so that I can interact with you guys in real time while making decisions for the town. We will be using and abusing time traveling, plot resetting and amiibo cards in this play through, so things will be a little different than my previous towns.

    Town Info:
    Created: 12/26/2018
    Mayor: Crystal (me, duh!)
    Villagers: Bob, Gaston, Cube, Midge, Colton, Kevin, Erik, Bluebear, Phoebe, and Astrid
    Paths: tinyurl.com/y25xof74 [Mossy Cobblestone] and tinyurl.com/y4se4xng [Stepping Stone]
    Town Tune: gGFEFE_c gacFCBCG (You can listen to it during Ep. 2)
    Dream Address: 4B00-0142-8AD5
    Museum Checklist: tinyurl.com/y24ar3wb
    Friend Code: I no longer give this out, my list is full!

    If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them down below! I will try to read all of them, however coming to the streams will be a better way to make your ideas known.

    Monday: Stream - Pokemon Platinum
    Upload - Slumber Party Sunday Stream
    Tuesday: Stream - ACNL
    Upload - Evoland 2
    Wednesday: Stream - Mario Kart 8 Deluxe
    Upload - ACNL Stream
    Thursday: Stream - Animal Crossing City Folk
    Upload - Yo-Kai Watch 2
    Friday: Stream - Stardew Valley
    Upload - Animal Crossing City Folk
    Saturday: Stream - ACNL
    Upload - Stardew Valley Stream
    Sunday: Stream - Slumber Party Sunday
    Upload - ACNL Stream

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Comments • 40

  • Kirishima Eijirou
    Kirishima Eijirou  4 months back

    i woke up and found that i had watched 2 hours of this...

    • MLP Nightsong
      MLP Nightsong  4 months back

      You get the best suggestions. I really want the boot and the flower arch but my villagers are like “yeah whatever we want road signs.” Anyways, my new town is really coming together and I’m loving how it looks. I still haven’t got stitches to move back out and put him back in the right spot with my amiibo card. So yeah, that’s annoying.

      • SimplyPressStart
        SimplyPressStart   4 months back

        Best of luck with your new town, and I hope your villagers start suggesting the PWP you want :)

    • Matthew Howard
      Matthew Howard  4 months back

      Crystal, I have a question. I have had my town for over a year and I’m getting bored with it. I’ve had these bored moments throughout my play time of my town but this one has lasted the longest and is around 1 month. Do you think I should restart? I feel accomplished for my first ever town (it seemed you liked it when you dreamed it) I think I can do it even better. What should I do?

      • Matthew Howard
        Matthew Howard  4 months back

        Urusai Kodokushi not yet, still waiting to see if I get interested again or not

      • Urusai Kodokushi
        Urusai Kodokushi  4 months back

        @Matthew Howard aah okay i understand have you restarted?

      • Matthew Howard
        Matthew Howard  4 months back

        Urusai Kodokushi I’m saving up my money for a switch, so I don’t want to.

      • Urusai Kodokushi
        Urusai Kodokushi  4 months back

        Is it possible for you to buy another acnl ?

    • Robert Brocchini
      Robert Brocchini  4 months back

      Jay was in my campsite today, and currently, I’m loving him. Unfortunately, my town is at max which sorta sucks because one of my villagers is poncho, who also came from the campsite, but he offered me terrible items during a mini game and moved right in front of one of my bridges. So maybe once I get poncho to move out, I think I’ll just buy Jay’s amiibo card and scan him in, even if it means he would have his memory wiped.

      • Fine
        Fine  4 months back

        Who disliked this? Like what would people find ''not good'' about this video?

      • Nichole Klemchuk
        Nichole Klemchuk  4 months back


      • Megan Lawrence
        Megan Lawrence  4 months back

        It’s good to see so many comments saying that they still play new leaf along side each other. I’m glad I’m not the only one who still loves the game

        • SimplyPressStart
          SimplyPressStart   4 months back

          The game still has a surprisingly active community online :3

      • Tay11
        Tay11  4 months back

        I went to your Town in Dreamsuite, and you were blocking the door to your house! I guess you didn’t want people in your house at that time. LOL 😂

        • Alexa Eckhart
          Alexa Eckhart  4 months back

          Playing ACNL a long side you, Crystal! You inspired me to play again and I am so glad you did. 💛

        • SimplyGame
          SimplyGame  4 months back

          Do you have homebrew on your 3DS

        • Luna UwO
          Luna UwO  4 months back

          Hooray! Just to let you know you inspired me and introduced me to animal crossing :3 I knew about wild world though, I played it with my brother :0

        • ThatOmePerson
          ThatOmePerson  4 months back

          Stream starts at 1:56
          Gameplay starts at 7:00

        • • oceanic •
          • oceanic •  4 months back

          It’s so nice to see that someone is still interested in NL.

          • Merkya
            Merkya  4 months back

            ​@SimplyPressStart I jus bought the game today :33

          • SimplyPressStart
            SimplyPressStart   4 months back

            The community is still surprisingly active for such an old game :)

        • Iceland Ball
          Iceland Ball  4 months back

          10th comment :))

          • Jazmine Hyland
            Jazmine Hyland  4 months back

            I love Memory I visited it not that long ago ❤️

          • Onecookiejar !
            Onecookiejar !  4 months back

            Yay I got 4th comment

            • Gavin-Joseph Murphy
              Gavin-Joseph Murphy  4 months back

              Hey crystal, what platform do you stream on?

            • Gamesandvlogs withsaf
              Gamesandvlogs withsaf  4 months back

              I was literally playing pocket camp then this came up

            • Super Crossing
              Super Crossing  4 months back

              1st comment!!!!!!!!!! :)