10 Movie Mistakes You Won't Believe You Missed #2 | Find The Flaws


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    REACT   5 months back

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    • Kyle Sadler
      Kyle Sadler  5 months back

      I actually saw them all

    • oso 00
      oso 00  5 months back

      7:26 water bottle right shelf

    • oso 00
      oso 00  5 months back

      11:48 Nov on top of screen

    • MB's RANTS
      MB's RANTS  5 months back

      REACT hey if u guys decide to do mistakes but tv show in friends season 2 episode 8
      at monica's interview there is a mockolate on the table but the next second it in her hand and then the next on the table again

      hope u read this ❤️

    • Nick Donohue
      Nick Donohue  5 months back

      4:54 they said it was released in 1983 and then changed to 1995

  • Trinity Bryan
    Trinity Bryan  5 months back

    The mic

    • SLAY3R_THUND3R Ya yeet
      SLAY3R_THUND3R Ya yeet  5 months back

      I found them all in the video and the films but I don’t have Twitter

      • LORD GAMER
        LORD GAMER  5 months back

        11:21 the mic is showing in the video frame

        • LORD GAMER
          LORD GAMER  5 months back

          7:21 there's a water bottle on the wall

        • LORD GAMER
          LORD GAMER  5 months back

          2:47 the blue and the green jar replaced places then they changed back

          • Colton Salsig
            Colton Salsig  5 months back

            The mic at 11:55😂

            • Gabriel Garcia
              Gabriel Garcia  5 months back

              Can you both sub to me because i will have 11 subs and im doing a comparison video tommorow

            • Gabriel Garcia
              Gabriel Garcia  5 months back


            • EpicStudios
              EpicStudios  5 months back

              Colton Salsig wait but at that time, in Spider-Man, something fell from the enemy!

          • SkygazerPlayz
            SkygazerPlayz  5 months back

            No the lamp that broke was green tho and the other one was blue

            • Linden
              Linden  5 months back

              THANK YOU

          • SXWAT Cabbage
            SXWAT Cabbage  5 months back

            Hey good video.

            • Brandyn Caccese
              Brandyn Caccese  5 months back

              In spider-man he had the dr.peoper in his hand and when he closes the door its gone

              • Sarah marie
                Sarah marie  5 months back

                In spiderman the soda can turns to a diffrent color

                • Brandyn Caccese
                  Brandyn Caccese  5 months back

                  and he had it in his hand and when he closes the door its gone

              • Salah Dabel
                Salah Dabel  5 months back

                Rubics square thing changed jar changed green to blue

                • Josiah Negrete
                  Josiah Negrete  5 months back

                  I love titanic

                  • Sarah Ward
                    Sarah Ward  5 months back

                    Jar turn blue from green 1:20

                    • spring taco
                      spring taco  5 months back

                      There’s 2 jars next to each other it’s the camera angle

                    • Peppa_ 6_9_
                      Peppa_ 6_9_  5 months back

                      Sarah Ward wrong it’s a different camera angel

                  • Bob Lazar
                    Bob Lazar  5 months back

                    They actually caught a few more continuity errors from Spiderman 😂

                    • Instancer
                      Instancer  5 months back


                      • Instancer
                        Instancer  5 months back


                        • Chris Chan
                          Chris Chan  5 months back

                          13.29 water bottle

                        • Mitchelle Knud
                          Mitchelle Knud  5 months back

                          6:27 there’s water bottle in the background (Tetris)

                          • BTS Joker girl
                            BTS Joker girl  5 months back

                            YESS CLUELESS THATS MY FAV MOVIE

                            • ii_Potato
                              ii_Potato  5 months back

                              The jars, two plants, the game on the wall, and the hedgehog

                            • IHAVE5SISTERS
                              IHAVE5SISTERS  5 months back

                              All of these are because they don't shoot the scenes chronologically.

                              • Sammy
                                Sammy  5 months back

                                REACT to Area 51!!!! 👽🛸

                                • Glen Richardson
                                  Glen Richardson  5 months back

                                  "Bad Boys (1995)" lol.

                                  • Setsuna-M
                                    Setsuna-M  5 months back

                                    The bottle of water, the cups of something at the end that are at the sides of the yellow cube and the mic? xd

                                    • Nataplier Goddess
                                      Nataplier Goddess  5 months back

                                      Do the twilight ones

                                      • Clout GodManney
                                        Clout GodManney  5 months back

                                        the lamp one was easy

                                        • Erin Dilley
                                          Erin Dilley  5 months back

                                          The mic in the shot the water bottle and the jars switched spots

                                          • CARTER HAYES
                                            CARTER HAYES  5 months back


                                            • Bolt
                                              Bolt  5 months back


                                              • wxiill
                                                wxiill  5 months back


                                                • Paster
                                                  Paster  5 months back

                                                  Did you see the mistake that teens reacted made??

                                                  • Bloopy
                                                    Bloopy  5 months back

                                                    The bottle at the tetris blocks

                                                • Ryan's productions
                                                  Ryan's productions  5 months back

                                                  Pulp fiction revolvers turn when being shot

                                                  • My Life Succs
                                                    My Life Succs  5 months back

                                                    Anyone spot the mistake a 11:50

                                                    • Jeremiah
                                                      Jeremiah  5 months back

                                                      The blue and green jars are switched

                                                      • YungGod Clan
                                                        YungGod Clan  5 months back

                                                        You guys should have done the Jurassic park flaw

                                                        • Vectriczzz
                                                          Vectriczzz  5 months back

                                                          The jars in the background changed placement

                                                          • tim mobile
                                                            tim mobile  5 months back

                                                            If you khnow wher Narnia was filmed il idk

                                                            Sub to your cahnel and like your coment????

                                                            • Fearless Kunai
                                                              Fearless Kunai  5 months back

                                                              10:33 if they ever do a mistake reaction to this episode then just look at his shirt

                                                              It’s backwards

                                                            • MacPlaysGames
                                                              MacPlaysGames  5 months back

                                                              Dat mic tho... 11:20 hmmmmmmmm

                                                              • StefanGaming
                                                                StefanGaming  5 months back

                                                                Tha mick

                                                                • Panda Man
                                                                  Panda Man  5 months back

                                                                  There is a mouse thing on the right

                                                                  • Panda Man
                                                                    Panda Man  5 months back

                                                                    There is a game on the wall by the shelf

                                                                    • Tobie Ruark
                                                                      Tobie Ruark  5 months back

                                                                      In the FBE logo the e was lower case

                                                                      • frankthedonkey 21
                                                                        frankthedonkey 21  5 months back

                                                                        The two plants the two jars and the hedge hog

                                                                        • Gerardo Ochoa
                                                                          Gerardo Ochoa  5 months back

                                                                          The green and blue jars keep switching

                                                                          • Adrian Valenzuela
                                                                            Adrian Valenzuela  5 months back

                                                                            Brittany is hella beautiful with curly hair tho.

                                                                            • Jahleelll -
                                                                              Jahleelll -  5 months back

                                                                              6.41 for the Spider-Man one not only was it the lamp but if you put the play back speed to 0.25 you’ll notice when Peter uses his webs to get the soda can when he attaches the web the cab is yellow but when it reaches his hand it’s black