'Spongebob Squarepants' Stars Tom Kenny, Clancy Brown & Cast LIVE | SDCC 2019 | Entertainment Weekly


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  • Jwanie
    Jwanie  1 months back

    OMG now I know what Mr. Lawrence meant when he said Plankton was gonna die soon. It was that special Halloween episode where Plankton turned himself into a ghost!

    • alstinson
      alstinson  1 months back

      OMFG Tom Kenny is hilarious! I lost it when they were doing GOT! LOL!

      • The Unimpressed
        The Unimpressed  2 months back


        • J the Goofy Goober
          J the Goofy Goober  3 months back

          I could watch them talking all day. They're very interesting people who love doing what they do, and my 8-year-old self thanks them for an amazing childhood.

          • Oniwa's Shadow
            Oniwa's Shadow  3 months back

            Clancy Brown is too cute for this world ❤️

            • Stephanie E
              Stephanie E  2 months back

              He is so wonderful, I just want to hug the baby boy! He's so amazing, even when he is just sitting there!

          • Brianne Mcdonald
            Brianne Mcdonald  4 months back

            Every night while I wait for my heart attacks to put me to sleep I play my recording of Plankton screaming for 2 hours straight and think about how great it would be for Mr. Lawrence to hit me with his car, and gently place me in a box floatin' down the river, just so I could see that great smile of his up close. He's the best 😍

            • Victoria Obaniyi
              Victoria Obaniyi  4 months back

              This is the funniest cast ever!!

            • Lisa Darnell
              Lisa Darnell  4 months back

              Can we mention how cute Clancy Brown is sitting on that mushroom?

              • Reddiamondtulip
                Reddiamondtulip  5 months back

                I swear if Plankton dies, I'm out from the fandom


                • dragongeraldb
                  dragongeraldb  5 months back

                  Bull,thats the kurgan!i know a Kurgan when i see a Kurgan and im looking at a Kurgan!

                  • Happy Person
                    Happy Person  5 months back

                    NO PLANKTON!
                    PLEASE DON'T DIE!!!

                    • The Devil Cat
                      The Devil Cat  5 months back

                      LOVE YOU DOUG LAWRENCE <3

                    • Marc Gallego Alonso
                      Marc Gallego Alonso  5 months back

                      I'm here beacouse Í love Clancy Brown in Detroit Become Human (As Hank)

                      • Holly McGrath
                        Holly McGrath  5 months back

                        They bring me so much joy I've never known a world without spongebob love these guys

                        • SpongeBob Master
                          SpongeBob Master  5 months back


                          • TAGD Productions Official


                            • lauren
                              lauren  5 months back

                              This cast is so much fun. I wish this was an hour long

                              • fa rt
                                fa rt  5 months back

                                Agree, but I'm sure they don't lol. They must be exhausted with how busy they've been

                            • It doesn't matter
                              It doesn't matter  5 months back

                              See ya at NYCC , Tom Kenney.
                              Must get AUTOGRAPH!!!!

                            • Alan Avila
                              Alan Avila  5 months back