Nintendo Switch Lite vs Nintendo Switch


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  • Talus St.Germain
    Talus St.Germain  2 hours back

    I only like the regular switch because the child inside me yells, "IT TRANSFORMS"

    • The Boring YouTube Channel

      Bullshit I have 4 hrs on my switch lite playing assassin's creed

      • Alexandre D'ARPA
        Alexandre D'ARPA  2 days back

        I definitely think 100 rupees more is worth to make your switch playable on a TV.
        Nothing can be more satisfying, sat down, one joy con in each of your hand, free.

        • Alexandre D'ARPA
          Alexandre D'ARPA  2 days back

          You can make your original switch smaller than the lite one in your pocket. Just put the joy cons in another pocket.

          • HỌC tiếng HÀN
            HỌC tiếng HÀN  2 days back

            Viet nam good

            • logos paint
              logos paint  3 days back

              I fear the controller drift too much to do the "sidegrade"

              • Advanced Twig
                Advanced Twig  4 days back

                I feel like putting a switch in your pocket would cause drift

                • Ethin117 Couch
                  Ethin117 Couch  4 days back

                  Why are you wearing a PS4 hat but yet you're holding Nintendo switch lite

                  • 540Productions BGIZZLE540

                    Rocking a ps4 hat doing a Nintendo review! 🤔🤔🤔

                    • satturnny
                      satturnny  5 days back


                      My sleep paralysis friend: 1:23

                      • Higter
                        Higter  1 days back

                        satturnny 😳

                    • TheTroll865
                      TheTroll865  5 days back

                      Your grammatical errors kill me

                      • Y Tho
                        Y Tho  5 days back

                        My man got them WORKING HANDS😂

                        • Albert Maman
                          Albert Maman  6 days back

                          nul la switch lite

                        • Albert Maman
                          Albert Maman  6 days back

                          nul la switch lite

                        • Ruthless Games
                          Ruthless Games  6 days back

                          The reason why I got a Lite is because I already have a PS4 so if I really want to play on a tv I can play my PS4. So now when I got to Florida and Canada I can use the lite in the plane/car ride which is amazing.

                          • John Carrasco
                            John Carrasco  7 days back

                            Give this old guy Donkey Kong every time...:-)

                            • Ayaya !
                              Ayaya !  7 days back

                              I’ll say it simply if your lazy get the switch if your out regularly get the lite

                              • Brian Berkland
                                Brian Berkland  7 days back

                                Smh...100% wrong to say the full size "d-pad" is better for fighting games than the Lite's pad with actual diagonal buttons.

                                • Silver Channel Gaming
                                  Silver Channel Gaming  1 days back

                                  @Brian Berkland actually it is, you cant say that universally a ps4 cotroller is better than an xbox controller

                                  people have different opinions i prefer the normal switch dpad becuase it is so much bigger

                                • Brian Berkland
                                  Brian Berkland  1 days back

                                  No it defintely isn't

                                • Silver Channel Gaming
                                  Silver Channel Gaming  1 days back

                                  i mean it really is opinion

                              • Smokey.
                                Smokey.  7 days back

                                Okay the note 10 from Samsung has a tb of storage built in. The only thing I don't like about the switch (both versions) is that there is very low storage like common bruh

                                • Rajonty
                                  Rajonty  1 weeks back

                                  Waaait a second, you prefer the Switch's directional buttons over a D-pad for fighting games??

                                  • Ervan 2607
                                    Ervan 2607  7 days back

                                    There are dark blue joycon that have a d pad

                                • E36 420
                                  E36 420  1 weeks back


                                  • chad thundercock
                                    chad thundercock  6 days back

                                    i t ' s n o t t h o u g h . you DID watch the video before making this comment right?

                                  • Ervan 2607
                                    Ervan 2607  7 days back

                                    But the lite doesnt switch

                                • Mrpiggyguy
                                  Mrpiggyguy  1 weeks back

                                  1:20 wut gamw is that

                                • Narchu 7654
                                  Narchu 7654  1 weeks back

                                  Switch lite poketable

                                  Women pants: i am a joke to you

                                  • Robert Aguirre
                                    Robert Aguirre  1 weeks back

                                    Just buy a USB type x hdmi cord to connect to tv

                                    • James Taylor
                                      James Taylor  1 weeks back

                                      If you have a Nintendo switch is it worth getting a switch lite as well?

                                    • The Horror Network
                                      The Horror Network  1 weeks back

                                      Okay so I've been watching countless "Switch vs Lite" videos over the past week, trying to decide what to get myself for the holidays. The only thing that was hampering my decision, was I was really unsure about the smaller 5.5" screen. You are THE ONLY video that I've found that has done a side-by-side comparison. The higher pixel fidelity of the Lite actually looks superior to the regular Switch, and honestly the 0.7" difference isn't even that noticeable because of the bezel. Thank you for helping me cement my decision in the Lite.

                                      • The Horror Network
                                        The Horror Network  3 days back

                                        @logos paint Depends on the paste. Looks like the one in the Lite doesn't crust up and stays rather goopy. Since that is the case, you don't have to reapply. If reapplication is needed, paste is about $5 and easy to apply.

                                        I'm hoping I don't have to replace mine though.

                                      • logos paint
                                        logos paint  3 days back

                                        @The Horror Network well, he removes the heat shield but doesn't replace the thermal I'm not a tech guy but I always knew you have to replace it once you "break" it, anyway, up to you mate :D

                                        EDIT:also, the the right stick seems way more difficult than replacing the left one :O

                                      • The Horror Network
                                        The Horror Network  3 days back

                                        @logos paint Nah you don't actually have to replace the thermal paste. Spawn did a really good video on it. It's pretty simple. I've built tons of PCs so taking apart a little toy isn't too hard for me. More difficult for the average non-tech person I suppose tho.

                                      • logos paint
                                        logos paint  3 days back

                                        @The Horror Network yes it's just a bit harder, you have to open the console, remove the heat shield, replace the thermal paste etc

                                      • The Horror Network
                                        The Horror Network  3 days back

                                        @logos paint already bought my lite. if it happens, replacement joysticks are about $10

                                    • Luciano Montana
                                      Luciano Montana  1 weeks back

                                      Standard!! Is the best one

                                      • Miguel
                                        Miguel  1 weeks back

                                        7:34 error 404

                                        • Miguel
                                          Miguel  1 weeks back

                                          i hate switch light , its not even a SWITCH anymore , what are you switching in the light exacly? its a god damn crap

                                          • Deya Luv
                                            Deya Luv  1 weeks back

                                            They should have made this lite $150 and then sold a dockable lite for $199

                                          • moab smith bey
                                            moab smith bey  1 weeks back

                                            The switch lite smells like 3ds put your nose by the vents and smell it smell like the new 2ds xl that just released 2018

                                            • William Hitch
                                              William Hitch  1 weeks back

                                              moab smith bey put up a smell test review

                                          • moab smith bey
                                            moab smith bey  1 weeks back

                                            I just got the switch lite so far I like better than my og switch. better to carry and play I don't need hd rumble the better battery life just for me. I

                                            • Jeembo Connelly
                                              Jeembo Connelly  2 weeks back

                                              Just ordered one with skyrim so can play at work

                                              • Ivaylo Ivanov
                                                Ivaylo Ivanov  2 weeks back

                                                Nintendo Switch lite=WII U

                                                • Anthony Wright
                                                  Anthony Wright  2 weeks back

                                                  Bought a switch light yesterday and I love it so far

                                                  • HORROR_PUNK_GAMER
                                                    HORROR_PUNK_GAMER  1 weeks back

                                                    Anthony Wright I'm waiting to receive mine 2-3 days, I already have PS4 but grew up on NINTENDO & miss MARIO, ZELDA, ETC, so 1st PARTY NINTENDO games are what I plan on playn on LITE, glad your enjoying your SWITCH LITE & I'm looking forward to playing mine!!!!

                                                • Ryujin The Third
                                                  Ryujin The Third  2 weeks back

                                                  They make a smaller Wii U and everyone’s happy😂

                                                  • Mochi Clark
                                                    Mochi Clark  2 weeks back

                                                    I got a nintendo switch ad 😂

                                                    • Vwall007ST
                                                      Vwall007ST  2 weeks back

                                                      I have pretty big hands, is the switch lite something for me?

                                                    • dhoy skie
                                                      dhoy skie  2 weeks back

                                                      I got one for free! Not much into hand held console but I'll give this a try.

                                                      • TheBattleNetwork
                                                        TheBattleNetwork  2 weeks back

                                                        I really dont like when people are angry that the lite is inferior. Thats kinda the point. Cheaper for the less needy

                                                        • Legendary Lemonzz
                                                          Legendary Lemonzz  6 days back

                                                          @earonie 。 Good point

                                                        • earonie 。
                                                          earonie 。  1 weeks back

                                                          @TheBattleNetwork Probably, since they have the same joystick components (as far as I know). Yeah, I see what you mean. I even considered to buy myself a Lite. It makes even less sence for People with a regular switch to complain about the lite. Like.. What's the point in that?

                                                        • TheBattleNetwork
                                                          TheBattleNetwork  1 weeks back

                                                          earonie 。 yeah that is kind of dumb. I heard there’s drift too? Those two problems need to be fixed even though it’s cheaper you’re right. But performance and not being able to plug into the tv isn’t something anyone should be surprised or mad about. Not saying you specifically are but you get my point.

                                                        • earonie 。
                                                          earonie 。  1 weeks back

                                                          I think the Switch Lite is a good alternative for people that want to play Nintendo/Switch exclusives but don't want to pay the full price of a regular Switch and of course for people that don't feel the need to/can't play on a TV.
                                                          BUT why is the Battery life shorter than with the 2019 Switch? Wouldn't it make more sense to give a Handheld-console, that you can't plug in on the go, a stronger Battery?

                                                      • Austin Schminkey
                                                        Austin Schminkey  2 weeks back

                                                        What game is he playing at 1:20

                                                      • marcus hall
                                                        marcus hall  2 weeks back

                                                        I put a Nintendo switch lite on layaway at gamestop but after watching this I think I should see if I can get a regular switch.

                                                        • PTXCeline
                                                          PTXCeline  2 weeks back

                                                          PC gamer here and I'm considering getting a switch for the games that aren't available for PC like Pokemon or Fire Emblem. I personally think that I would prefer playing it in handheld mode rather than docking it up to a tv. Would buying the lite be the right choice or should I just fork up the extra cash for the full Switch

                                                          • AntiManiXC
                                                            AntiManiXC  2 weeks back

                                                            Talking about a switch wearing a PS4 beanie...

                                                            • That one weird kid
                                                              That one weird kid  2 weeks back

                                                              No one:

                                                              Literally no one:

                                                              Not a single soul:

                                                              Xbox: Am I a joke to you?

                                                            • RichSlayerGaming
                                                              RichSlayerGaming  2 weeks back

                                                              Mario party 10 is on the wii u not on the switch. I think u meant to say Super Mario Party

                                                              • Kendra Wolterman
                                                                Kendra Wolterman  2 weeks back

                                                                I like them both I have the switch and I got it for Christmas of 2017 and got the switch lite the 5th day it was out in America I personally like my Switch the most but the Lite is perfect for portability and it works kind of like the switch but u can’t detach the controllers obv and can’t put it in the doc so yeah if u don’t have a switch u should get the switch lite if u like playing on little screens instead of a tv u get my point. Probably

                                                                • Ry IsSmall
                                                                  Ry IsSmall  2 weeks back

                                                                  I might be getting the switch lite for Christmas turquoise color

                                                                  • JCW871
                                                                    JCW871  2 weeks back

                                                                    Same, I hope I get it with botw

                                                                  • Joseph Veal
                                                                    Joseph Veal  2 weeks back

                                                                    I got it I love it so much lighter to