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  • SuicideByDragon
    SuicideByDragon  4 months back

    1:50:00 onwards for saving private criken

    • Mordred C
      Mordred C  4 months back

      Did Billy just mention Rwanda at 48:15 ? "I'm gonna kill all the Rwanda's!"

      • SirSarcasimus
        SirSarcasimus  5 months back

        You know who Biwwy reminds me of, Edward Emberpants but helpful version.

        • Feline_Warrior
          Feline_Warrior  5 months back

          It's interesting to see how serious they can take this when the moment calls for it. They're still chickens with their heads cut off in a lot of cases, but they're trying. Except for Bruce, he's mostly been meh.

          • Feline_Warrior
            Feline_Warrior  5 months back


            • TripodRanger
              TripodRanger  1 months back

              I have never heard tomato be more genuinely mad, and I don't blame him.

          • Glute Brute
            Glute Brute  5 months back

            Billy and Bed are the best

            • Breh Bro
              Breh Bro  5 months back

              Man I love Bruce and all. But he is really annoying in this one...

              • Humble Lad
                Humble Lad  4 months back

                he is literally always annoying

              • purp frogs
                purp frogs  4 months back

                @Sebastian Carroll manchild

              • RandomTomatoSoup
                RandomTomatoSoup  5 months back

                I thought so too but he acts better after the first half

              • DukeoftheAges
                DukeoftheAges  5 months back

                Yeah never liked him, I wish criken would stick to the normal group.

              • Sebastian Carroll
                Sebastian Carroll  5 months back

                I keep hoping Criken will stop inviting him, but no luck yet. There's almost always several instances of toxicity when he is part of any kind of team.

            • Magics
              Magics  5 months back

              Bruce is a moron

              • Coconut219
                Coconut219  5 months back

                Game Theory:
                In the universe of ARMA, paramedics have been banned by international law. This is why you immediately lose cover if you are seen healing someone.

                • Fenny Kar
                  Fenny Kar  5 months back

                  Biwwy is the hewo we need.

                  • uwu uwu
                    uwu uwu  5 months back

                    Fenny Kar i think his best moment was him shooting the helicopter with the pkm

                • Petrift
                  Petrift  5 months back

                  is the sound mod jsrs or something else I want to get it

                  • tom pitter
                    tom pitter  5 months back

                    Chat being able to give basic commands to some NPCs would actually be really cool

                    • purp frogs
                      purp frogs  4 months back

                      The game has the exact same pathfinding as arma from like 2001

                    • stormrider464
                      stormrider464  5 months back

                      Not that Arma ai can handle basic commands

                  • cwbilly
                    cwbilly  5 months back

                    what is the sound mods thay sound good

                  • TheTribalSock
                    TheTribalSock  5 months back

                    I love how they keep saying "Dont fire your guns at the base, the enemy will zero in on your location, and at fuckin' 1:35:00 onwards, they just keep rampaging with the miniguns.

                    • Paul T
                      Paul T  5 months back


                    • RustyBrusher
                      RustyBrusher  5 months back

                      I wish I was a soldier so I could die in a war :)

                    • Rúben David {The Baron}
                      Rúben David {The Baron}  5 months back

                      Womderfull! More arma! Unfortunately my tablet, which I use to watch twitch, broke down so now I'll miss the other guys perspective, maybe, one day, Brett will be vod god for lawlman and some of the other guys too, will you Brett? You wonderful man?

                      • DontHaveAName4Me
                        DontHaveAName4Me  5 months back