Forget the Tug of War! All Electric Trucks Have This Achilles Heel Including the Tesla Cybertruck!


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  • SquishBangBlow
    SquishBangBlow  1 weeks back

    *The Ike Gauntlet and off-road segments were great!*

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  55 minutes back

      robotec007 Apparently one company has already reached 1000wh/kg while also being more eco friendly. Innolith, a Swiss company. Obviously there are many other factors to consider, but this is a break through.

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  59 minutes back

      robotec007 fine, drive an f150 then.

    • Ryantube007
      Ryantube007  3 hours back

      Ancient Bear And that’s if you get the Avg fuel economy stated by Ford. Often it’s a little worse.

    • nick r
      nick r  18 hours back

      This is NOT a Truck or even a SUV it's just a all wheel drive big electric car👎

    • Ancient Bear
      Ancient Bear  22 hours back

      2019 Ford F-350 Super Duty MPG unladen 12.4 mpg. 250 miles = 20.16 Gallons = Ave US cost gallon = $2.50 = Trip cost of $50.
      CyberTruck Laden = 250 Miles. US Ave 12Cents a kilowatt. 150 kw per 500 mile unladen range = Trip cost of $18.

      So an Laden Tesla Cyber truck will be 3 times cheaper to run than an unladen F350.

      A Cybertruck with solar panel will give 15 miles per day of sun, making ave commuting close to being free on some days.

      Top 5 Off roading issues.
      1. Wheel Misalignment, 2. Tire Damage, 3. Body Damage, 4. Damage To The Undercarriage, 5. Transmission Problems

      2/5 Eliminated by the Cybertruck.

      Smart money goes to the Cybertruck. Old school will keep driving gas trucks as foreign countries keep jacking up the price to keep a dwindling demand profitable.

  • Rxonmymind
    Rxonmymind  18 minutes back

    Towing in winter with electric. Don’t do it. Period.

    • LTDominator
      LTDominator  36 minutes back

      if you wanna find a reason you find a reason...

      • Tobias Lindh
        Tobias Lindh  38 minutes back

        Did you really think you'd get the same range with a trailer? You won't need additional motors. There is enough power. But it's obvious that you would need bigger batteries. They will give you more range and will charge faster. I wonder who will put bigger batteries in their trucks... Doesn't the cybertruck come with 500 miles range at a lower price than your model x?

        • Aaron Pingol
          Aaron Pingol  53 minutes back

          Funny how they compare model x in to a truck i mean car and a truck have different specs lol this guys are full of idiots

          • Aaron Pingol
            Aaron Pingol  1 hours back

            This video is idiotic you do realise that a car and a truck got different specs they are completely different in design so why would you use model x instead of a electric truck in your testing i mean trucks are design for towing and offroading

            • Russell Hiner
              Russell Hiner  1 hours back

              towing 4500+ and 2000+ lbs at 70-75mph, (most states limit trailers to 55/60mph) and not expecting a loss in range ?
              doesnt sound like you are trying for a fair test
              I'd like to see what the actual cost/mile comes out to (compared to a Jeep Grand Cherokee towing the same load at the same speeds)

              • PF
                PF  1 hours back

                So, no actual data on the off-road range, just a "once again lost a lot of range". What exactly does "a lot of range" translate into? You know full well they did the math for the range so why not just say it?!?
                Also, complaining that a 4WD car/van/whatever can't actually off-road like a truck? Really?? LOL! (Do we check the F-150 off-road capability by testing a Fusion?) Who would have guessed you actually *need a truck or off-road vehicle* to do a real test for off-roading? This "test" was not a test of the electrical capability; That was a test of the suspension - DUH! - a suspension obviously designed for ice/snow not off-road. So, hey, they proved you probably shouldn't off-road a vehicle not designed for off-roading. What a shocking result! Sorry guys. If you want people to 'believe' you're gonna' have to be a little more objective **rolleyes** because ending your video on that kind of "test result" and your vague comments makes me question the whole video.

                • ferchoville
                  ferchoville  1 hours back

                  Terrible that Tesla had to invade Bolivia and cause a massacre to take ownership of Bolibia's lithium to create Tesla's batteries.

                  • YO MAMA TV
                    YO MAMA TV  2 hours back

                    That car is just simply not made for off-roading Tesla never said “hey this is for off-roading also” that’s just a made up test that they mad up now you people who said anything about it being bad for off-roading should feel pretty dumb cause again it’s made for roads not dirt and rocks that’s why they couldn’t find tires for it now I bet they can for the cyber truck because it can handle it better plus it’s a pick up truck not a big body car😂😂👎🏾 use your brains people

                    • Mr Catcher
                      Mr Catcher  2 hours back

                      Solid state batteries are in the works which are able to equal 3x the amount of storage as a liquid battery the same size. So electric cars will over take normal vehicles eventually.

                      • OLD SCHOOL
                        OLD SCHOOL  2 hours back

                        People that work trucks already knew this. It's amazing to see they didn't have a clue it would work that way. Thanks for sharing

                        • Lazlo
                          Lazlo  3 hours back

                          You just can't escape the power density of fossil fuels. Also one must ask themselves, where is the power from the charging stations ultimately coming from and how is it produced?

                          • Falcon Awesomeness
                            Falcon Awesomeness  3 hours back

                            I pre ordered the cybertruck but not for massive towing and hauling on a daily basis. I got it to replace my Nissan Titan and I book filmmaking jobs with it to tow cars on rigs for moving shots. This is about 15% of my work. 80% is me driving to set with my camera gear in the bed. 5% is me just showing up to set which I can do either in the cybertruck or my Kia Rhondo. I’ve never really been off roading with my Titan and don’t plan on picking it up with the cybertruck. But the benefits of the cubertruck for the filmmaking market is quite good. In fact it’s great. But this video was a great conversation starter for the aspects that aren’t talked about at big reveals and showcases. Thanks for uploading.

                            • Darran hanlon
                              Darran hanlon  3 hours back

                              Battery tech is simply not up to the task,, period!!
                              With a fuel driven car you can 5mins topping it up
                              And spend anywhere 5 and 8hrs driving it
                              When battery tech is like this,, then and only then will electric vehicles become viable transport

                              • Lassi Uusitalo
                                Lassi Uusitalo  3 hours back

                                using microsoft word instead of excel for tables smh

                                • dcrahn
                                  dcrahn  4 hours back

                                  I'll keep my F350 diesel.

                                  • Dp Sullivan
                                    Dp Sullivan  4 hours back

                                    You should have just towed the Tesla to OR, would have been faster.... 😂😂

                                    • Ziolek2000
                                      Ziolek2000  4 hours back

                                      It ain't exactly designed for this

                                      • Mike Wright
                                        Mike Wright  4 hours back

                                        IMO EV's are perfectly viable as around-town or commuter vehicles. That's it.

                                        • Larkin Swartz
                                          Larkin Swartz  4 hours back

                                          To test if the Ford F-150 is any good, we hooked an horse trailer up to a Ford Focus. The results will shock you!

                                          • Steve de Meer
                                            Steve de Meer  4 hours back

                                            Best thing to do is get this guy off of youtube, and find a more dynamic person to place in his stead

                                            • Martin Beaudoin
                                              Martin Beaudoin  4 hours back

                                              The trailer will have battery pack to extend the range and serve as power generator for construction site

                                              • Jaco Stadler
                                                Jaco Stadler  5 hours back

                                                ... add a charger to the trailer to compensate ... hopefully with a positive weight to energy ratio :-)

                                                • Robert Nicholls
                                                  Robert Nicholls  5 hours back

                                                  I think people who make campers should be pursuing the electric market, even for ICE cars.

                                                  • Brandon Porter
                                                    Brandon Porter  5 hours back

                                                    I'm sure the Tesla trailer will have a battery base just like their cars. I doubt tesla has overlooked the extra power consumption involved with towing more mass :P

                                                    • mikosoft
                                                      mikosoft  7 hours back

                                                      Go watch Jason Fenske's video on Engineering Explained about towing with electric and non electric trucks. He did a pretty good explanation about what energy density and consumption means and why the things panned the way they did.

                                                      • Joseph Marshall
                                                        Joseph Marshall  8 hours back

                                                        Powered by electronic that comes from burning coal and wood 🤣🤣🤣

                                                        • Leopold
                                                          Leopold  8 hours back

                                                          Tesla owners do not work lol, they will sell just fine.

                                                          • aaron parys
                                                            aaron parys  8 hours back

                                                            Towing Problem will be soon solved thanks:

                                                            • Kajumba Sendi
                                                              Kajumba Sendi  9 hours back

                                                              Good experiment. I think an inbuilt charging motor in the trailer would solve this problem so that when the trailer is being towed, it is charging the batteries.

                                                              • KurtBob
                                                                KurtBob  9 hours back

                                                                edit down to 2-3 mins.

                                                                • James Holbrook
                                                                  James Holbrook  9 hours back

                                                                  That atlis is not real

                                                                  • James Holbrook
                                                                    James Holbrook  9 hours back

                                                                    Lucky its only a lithium ion battery pack on the bottom you scraped

                                                                    • James Holbrook
                                                                      James Holbrook  10 hours back

                                                                      At like 8:03 did that van eat a car

                                                                      • John O'Halloran
                                                                        John O'Halloran  10 hours back

                                                                        Concerning the range pulling a load I might point out that no conventional pickup mentions their gas millage when towing a load. The fact is they cant make any claim because it is very dependent of the load itself. Electric vehicles will be impacted more by poor design choices in the load but less so in the load itself. Towing capacity is dependant on torque. The reason for this is that the only challenge in towing a load is being able to start and stop. Electric vehicles win this contest hands down. An conventional engine with high torque is less efficient while maintaining speed than an engine with lower torque. This is not as true of an electric vehicle.
                                                                        For the complaint that the electric vehicles are not designed for off roading I would say he is right about all but one electric vehicles currently in service. As for using the Model X as an example I think was stupid. It was no more designed to be an off road vehicle then the Porsche Cayenne was. One thing about this discussion is that what they are forgetting is that most trip are up into the mountains. You only need a little driving range left over after you arrive at your destination because your vehicle will recharge on the way down. I even have a use for those old jerry cans. Fill them with water when you are up in the mountain (a good number of them. As you go down hill it will increase the amount of recharge you get from the regenerative breaking. Once at the flats empty the jerry cans and keep going.

                                                                        • Rani Glaser
                                                                          Rani Glaser  10 hours back

                                                                          So all this talk but no mention of the Cybertruck with 500+ mile range? Even if range will be cut in half you’ll have more than enough range to multiple super chargers. Also, the videos with the trailer don’t make sense. You say you couldn’t keep up with them with a gas/diesel truck - if they would have slowed down consumption would have gone down dramatically and they had no issue with range. Who tows 4500lbs trailer at 70mph??? What truck *or* driver does that???

                                                                          • Michelangelo Zee
                                                                            Michelangelo Zee  10 hours back

                                                                            Car / trailer Tandem battery pack trailer..? Is that a thing ? That way it’s not all on the main car/truck battery ... maybe that’s an option in the cyber truck

                                                                            • sam jones
                                                                              sam jones  11 hours back

                                                                              CURE TO ELECTRIC RUN TIME !!!! SOLAR POWERED CHARGER

                                                                              • Dave Welch
                                                                                Dave Welch  11 hours back

                                                                                Nice in United States you can pull a tandem horse trailer. Lots like 16 ft+_- 4500lbs EMPTY. Put couple of 1500 lb horses. LIVE WEIGHT. Now you have problems. Anyone pulling live weight to dead weight. Totally different.
                                                                                Pulling is easy. "PROBLEM LYING IN THE STOPPING. Could not do it in British Columbia Canada. Illegal for GVW. Plus you would kill someone coming down the hills. Besides Wyoming is flat. Our hill are 3500 ft. In the passes.

                                                                                As for off roading. Are you nuts. In a car. No clearance. Shit tires. That is the main road. Definitely not off roading.
                                                                                I wouldn't take a SUV off roading unless it had high/low range.

                                                                                I think you guys said it the best. I'm Europe or in town. Definitely not a relaxing drive.

                                                                                • randy Grindle
                                                                                  randy Grindle  11 hours back

                                                                                  I want that model.x so.bad

                                                                                  • Ian Isbell
                                                                                    Ian Isbell  11 hours back

                                                                                    Yeah! That's why people don't tow with electric. All you had to do was some math. You didn't have to buy a Tesla to prove the obvious... Battery density is still too low. That is not why we buy them dumb dumb.

                                                                                    • Parker Weatly
                                                                                      Parker Weatly  11 hours back

                                                                                      These are made for the suburban warriors, for local trips to home depot and the garden store.

                                                                                      • Ryson Spainhower
                                                                                        Ryson Spainhower  11 hours back

                                                                                        Gas trucks lose range to while towing a trailer also so what’s the big deal, at least an electric truck you will get more energy while going downhill while the gas truck only would burn more gas.

                                                                                        • Tomás Paz
                                                                                          Tomás Paz  12 hours back

                                                                                          Hey man, I'd like to congratulate and to thank you and your pals in the videos. By far this is the most reveiling and the only real awful fact about EV 's like Tesla X. I am Tesla's great supporter, but also an offroad guy all the way, I just never thought going EV would have a no go side, never consider it until watching you. Thank you very much! and yes, a lot of people haven't realize this yet, no one even thinks about these terrible consumption rates when towing or off roading. This fact could never be perfected until graphene bateries era comes into a reality. Super trucks requieres super bateries too... Same things with electric boats or planes, it is not just about a big bunch of Home Depot electric tools kind of Lithium Bateries, for this beast trucks to perform long range amid anything, we need Super bateries, meanwhile they are just the fastest and smartest production EV's available and that is just great to me. I love Tesla, but you really got may attention. I think I'll keep waiting for that 4x4 EV just a few more years, I wouldn't like to use my CyberTruck armored glass to protect myself from wild animals in the middle of no where when off roading, just because I drained the Truck's battery so then Im gonna need to be rescued by any local recue team. I'll better keep my old Toyota FJ for a while.

                                                                                          • Robert Schan
                                                                                            Robert Schan  12 hours back

                                                                                            Solar panels? 🤔

                                                                                            • Chuck Yeager
                                                                                              Chuck Yeager  12 hours back

                                                                                              I will not drive Tesla pieces crap in back woods. Ahhhhhh remember kids safety first don't do what Tesla's doing they just trying to make money from u guys ahhhhhh

                                                                                              • Chuck Yeager
                                                                                                Chuck Yeager  13 hours back

                                                                                                OMG I'M just saw cattle semi trucks 18wheeler passing u guys I feel sorry for you guys thanks Elon MUSK tesla middle of no where and no charger station ..ahhhhhh