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Diamond Painting Introduction, Tips & Tricks for Beginners Colour with Claire
1 years back
You can buy Diamond Painting kits on eBay, Amazon, Wish, AliExpress etc. Always check reviews to see if that store is recommended. Custom Diamond ...
Top 10 Tips for Diamond Painting Studio Sam
2 years back
Today I want to share the best tips I've learnt for diamond painting. From how to flatten your canvas, to how to unstick diamonds...and lots more! Let me know if ...
5 months back
I'm trying one of those awful diamond painting kits today.. and it's going to take me over 24 hours... Watch all my favorite art experiments here: ...
How to Diamond Paint 101 *Square Canvas Used* Crafting with Mrs. Crochet and Coffee
5 days back
Tutorial #Howto #DIY #DiamondPainting This video is a basic HOW TO video for those who are getting into Diamond Painting and don't know where to start!
An Absolute Beginner's Guide to Diamond Painting - Part 1 Rachel Rae
2 months back
howto #diamondpainting #gettingstarted As requested by my mom (hi mom!), here is an absolute Beginner's guide to diamond painting. Custom from Royal ...
Diamond Painting Instructions: How to Do Diamond Painting Shimmer Stitch
1 years back
A brief diamond painting tutorial from ShimmerStitch.com FREE 8x10 inch complete kit of your choice: https://shimmerstitch.com/pages/free Want to start painting ...
Diamond Painting - The Starry Night Julalak Chutisiriyanont
2 years back
Diamond Painting : The Starry Night Full square drill 28 colors Size : 50 cm x 35 cm Time : 30 Hours I buy at shop in Thailand.
My newest favorite diamond painting gadget!!! Stitcherista
7 months back
Silicon organizer on Amazon ~ https://amzn.to/2POdVJ7 Favorite diamond painting pens on Etsy ~ https://www.etsy.com/shop/LesCreationsDeClo Another great ...
Diamond Painting - Start To Finish #1 Diamond Mama
2 years back
Welcome to the 2nd diamond painting time lapse. This diamond painting is amazing, and I'm so happy I found it. I hope everyone enjoy's this new painting for ...
5D DIY Diamond Painting-Multi-drill placement. KickinCancersButt AndDiamondPainting
2 years back
Demonstrating the 9-drill and 3-drill placement tools.
Increasing Your Diamond Painting Speed | Diamond Painting 101 Dreamer Designs
5 months back
diamondpainting #diamondcanvas #dreamerdesigns Have you ever wondered how on earth Nataliya (aka LoveCraftForever) completes her Diamond Paintings ...
Finished Diamond Paintings!!!! Stacey's Stash
11 months back
Showing off some of my completed Diamond Paintings!! Hoping to get more finished soon!
ASMR Diamond Painting - Sticky Glue and Crinkling Plastic Rachel Rae
2 months back
asmr #diamondpainting #soundtherapy Hi All, this is my first ever ASMR video. No talking or whispering, just the sounds of drills being placed on a canvas.
Diamond painting time-lapse Waterfall 1 Random Minute
4 months back
This is the time lapse diamond painting of a purple waterfall. This canvas is a 30X40 cm. This painting was done in 44 hours and I talked about doing the ...
My updated diamond painting stash!! Stitcherista
6 months back
I forgot to turn down the music at the end to a reasonable level, so I apologize for it being really loud at the end! I could not POSSIBLY link every single kit I show ...
Pretty Neat Creative Diamond painting unboxing Marji Franklin
2 days back
Get yours here and check out their other items: https://www.prettyneatcreative.com/products/succulent-garden-ab-round-diamond-painting?
How I place square drills on my diamond painting gbmaltese
9 months back
Pencil Grips: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B06X9FVL31/ref=oh_aui_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1.
Testing DIAMOND PAINTING STICKERS Craft Kit // SoCraftastic SoCraftastic
3 months back
Today on SoCraftastic let's test DIAMOND PAINTING STICKERS & create some easy sticker art with diamonds! In this craft kit testing video see how well ...
UNBOXING - A New Company, Paint Gem - Fantasy Underworld Diamond Painting Rachel Rae
2 weeks back
unboxing #paintgem #diamondpainting ✳️Fantasy Underworld: https://paintgem.com/products/54 Black Friday Deal: Spend more than $79 and get a Free ...
Setting up Rhinestone Stitch Diamond Painting Canvas, and Mesh Ruler Comparisons Diamond Painting by Doni
7 months back
I found a different style of mesh ruler, so I figured I would give it a try since I am starting on another round diamond painting. Watch to see how each one turns out ...
5D Diamond Painting Tip - Checkerboard Method I Dream of Crafting
2 years back
A brief description of the checkerboard method for 5D Diamond Painting. I hope you enjoy. Please like, share and subscribe.
ROUND VS SQUARE DRILLS: Pros & Cons in Diamond Painting Melanie B’s Creative Studio
6 months back
Thank you for watching! Don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you won't miss out on future projects. In this video I will give you a side-by-side comparison of ...
Diamond Painting | Tipps | DIY Bilderrahmen | Anfänger | Rabattcode kreativstattandrea
6 months back
Im Diamond Painting bin ich ja eine Anfängerin. Also gibt es hier ein Video von Anfängerin zu Anfänger/innen. Ein paar Tipps kann ich euch dennoch mit auf ...
The selection of diamond paintings they are carrying at my Michael's store KittysBlingBling Melissa Gurschke
2 years back
Michael's Crafts Store 9851 Waterstone Blvd, Cincinnati, OH 45249. The above is where I bought these from. ***** I am an Honest, Independent, Product Tester ...
How Different Is It? Round vs Square Pt. 1 UNBOXING Diamond Painting Iaoda Store AliExpress Rachel Rae
6 months back
unboxing #Iaoda #diamondpainting Buy this DP here: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32996223857.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.5e294c4dpxqaws See ...
Leuke diamond painting werkjes van de website Peggybuy.com Juf Jannie
3 months back
Ik mocht vier dingen uitkiezen voor deze video van de website https://www.peggybuy.com . Dit zijn de links naar de 4 dingen die ik heb uitgekozen: ...
Finished Diamond Painting Of 2018 Lovecraftforever
11 months back
Hello my dear friends. I like to share with you my finished diamond painting of 2018. This was an amazing year of discovering this beautiful craft. Get some cup of ...
Inexpensive framing of diamond paintings Marji Franklin
5 months back
Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/21017... Get your diamond painting gear here: https://teespring.com/stores/diamond-paint-with-me email ...
5D 3D Diamond painting, Diamond art or Crystal art. What's it all about? Alison Russell's Craft Channel
2 years back
3D 5D diamond painting crystal art diamond art Buy personalised 5d paintings from your own prints here.
Diamond Paint with Me #18: Time Lapse Piggy! PreschoolTeacher AddictedtoDiamondPainting
9 months back
Watch a full round diamond painting completed from (almost) start to finish! This video includes a lot of me talking, as well as some music. Let me know what you ...
My Diamond Painting Tools Cralopix
2 years back
Just showing how my tools have expanded beyond the set provided with every diamond painting kit. Tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Izbcq8nhNy0 ...
Diamond Painting - Paint with me Teil 1 (Speedpainting) Time Lapse Diamonds & Pictures
5 months back
Das 1. Video mit Diamond Painting with me. Ich hoffe euch gefällt dieses Format inklusive Speedpainting und ihr seid dabei wenn es Dienstag weitergeht.
Diamond Painting - Round vs Square? Which is Better, Easier, Faster? Lisa’s Coloring Corner
9 months back
In this video, I compare a round drill diamond painting with a square drill diamond painting to show which type I feel is easier and which goes faster. I don't really ...
Diamond Painting - The Basics to Get You Started smellgreatguy
11 months back
Instagram: smellslikeyarn Email: [email protected] My Amazon Storefront https://www.amazon.com/shop/smellgreatguy Here are the basics and how I ...
😊 My favorite diamond painting tools and how I work on a large canvas 😊 gbmaltese
4 months back
My email: [email protected] Some of my favorite diamond painting things on Amazon: if you purchase from this link, you won't pay more for your ...
5D Diamond Painting--Start to Finish Rolling Through Life
2 years back
5D Diamond Painting--Start to Finish 5d Diamond Painting ...
My 2018 finished diamond paintings!! Stitcherista
11 months back
Diamond Painting portfolio from AC Moore ~ https://acmoore.com/product/104536641/art-profolio-multi-ring-binder/0 Refill pages you can get on Amazon ...
Kitting up my next diamond painting ~ Diamond Art Club Rapunzel!! Stitcherista
6 months back
Rapunzel kit ~ https://www.diamondartclub.com/products/rapunzel-diamond-art-painting?variant=8335713632307 Lap desk on Amazon ...
Sealing Your Diamond Painting WHAT'S BEST? Studio Sam
9 months back
Sealing your Diamond Paintings - What's Best? The ultimate experiment to find the perfect sealer for your diamond paintings! The stand out winners for me, ...
How to Kit up a Diamond Painting Crafting with Mrs. Crochet and Coffee
4 days back
Tutorial #Howto #DiamondPainting #kittingup Today's Tutorial I will be showing you How I kit up my diamond Paintings to get ready to take on my next Kit.
Diamond Painting - Beginners Guide | It's Arrived! Now what do I do? 4kidsat147 - Diamond Painting & Scrapbooking
3 months back
If you're just starting diamond painting, you may have many questions. This new series has the aim of answering some of them for you. If you have any ...
SQUARE Diamond Painting Tips and Tricks Tutorial | Diamond Painting 101 Dreamer Designs
5 months back
diamondpainting #diamondcanvas #dreamerdesigns Round OR Square... Which do you prefer? In this video we demonstrate why Square Diamonds, with ...
Tutorial for 5D Diamond Painting in English Zyneri
3 years back
Quick and easy kits to complete with easy to follow instructions. Kits available at www.zyneri.com. http://zyneri.com/product-category/diamond-painting/ More ...
4 days back
Lien du site victoriasmoon:https://victoriasmoon.co.uk/ Mon code promo -10%: 81X5H7G9BM5A Lien du site cléopatre:http://www.placedesloisirs.com/ Chaine ...
Round vs Square - The Final Comparison - POST REVIEW - Ioada Diamond Painting Rachel Rae
4 months back
postreview #iaoda #roundvssquare Check out what my thoughts are on round vs square and this store in particular. Thanks for subscribing and ringing that bell!
Diamond Painting Teuer vs. Billig Bild EmiAndJo
6 months back
Diamondpainting #Werbung #TeuervsBillig Meine Facebook Gruppe Diamond Painting Liebe und krativ Art E-Mail [email protected]
Diamond Painting - Framing a Finished Piece 4kidsat147 - Diamond Painting & Scrapbooking
8 months back
Join me while I frame a picture I recently completed. See how to frame a picture on a really small budget.